Work Study & Student Employment

Study hard. Work hard.

Do it all at Urbana.

Learn the meaning of multi-tasking while taking part in our work-study and student employment programs. What’s the difference? Positions on campus are limited. Work-study positions are available only to students awarded that option as part of their financial aid package but student employment is open to all UU students.

With both, you’ll gain lots of experience and meet great references to assist you with future career goals. Additionally, the money you earn will help reduce your reliance on loans and help you pay for your education. Win-win? We think so. 

On-campus positions are limited – apply today to get some great experience and build your resume!

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Our Objectives

Student employment at Urbana University serves as an educational tool to help students develop competencies that will ensure their career readiness. It also provides the opportunity for students to earn money toward their educational expenses while meeting human resource needs of the University. 

The following are objectives of the Student Employment Program at Urbana University:

  • Create employment opportunities from which students can develop critical career readiness skills;
  • Provide students with a means to help meet their educational expenses; and
  • Provide the University with a range of assistance to enable the college to function more effectively.

Urbana University’s Student Employment program is administered by the Career Services office, located on the lower level of the Student Center. Career Services works closely with Human Resources and Financial Aid in coordinating all aspects of the program.

Employment Opportunities

The Student Employment program has a variety of opportunities and positions available to students. All Student Employment opportunities require the student to be enrolled as a full-time student during their employment, or if working during academic breaks, to be enrolled full-time for the following term.

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a federally funded, need-based program that allows eligible students to work on college campuses at a reduced cost to the institution. Eligibility for Federal Work Study is determined by Financial Aid and awarded to students as part of their financial aid packages. This is the primary funding source for Urbana University’s Student Employment program.
To be eligible for Federal Financial Aid, students must:

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident;
  • Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and
  • Demonstrate financial need according to a standard need-analysis methodology.

Questions about a student’s eligibility should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Community Service

As part of the Federal Work Study program, students may work at a community-based agency. These opportunities usually pay a higher wage rate than regular positions as they are an important part of the Student Employment program.

Institutional Work Study

Urbana University supplements the Federal Work Study program by providing institutional funds to help cover areas where specific skills are required or where staffing is unable to be covered completely by Federal Work Study. Neither citizenship nor financial need is a factor in hiring for these positions, although the positions are extremely limited in number. International students on an F-1 Visa must work with the Office of International Studies in order to obtain a valid Social Security Number.

Summer Employment Program

Urbana University provides summer employment for a limited number of positions. In order to be eligible for Summer Employment, students must be registered for at least part-time summer hours (6 hours) or full-time for the following fall. Additionally, the student must complete the FAFSA by April 1 to be eligible. Summer employment is limited to 25 hours per week.

Other Employment Opportunities

Career Services maintains a list of local employers who regularly hire Urbana University students to fill part-time needs within their organizations. Many of these employers are in Urbana or within a 20-minute drive from campus and work well with student schedules. Contact Career Services for more information or search “part time/seasonal positions” in JobQuest.

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Getting Started

Searching for Jobs

All student employment positions are made accessible via JobQuest. All students will be able to see all Institutional Work Study positions and only those eligible for Federal Work Study will be able to see positions funded through that program.

  1. Students may login to JobQuest using their KnightNet email address and University issued password. If the JobQuest password is unknown, students may use the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen to reset it.
  2. Complete the JobQuest profile, including marking “yes” to “Allow employer viewing” in the “additional information” section.
  3. Upload a student employment application or basic resume under “Resumes.”
  4. Search for student employment jobs and send your application through JobQuest by clicking the “Submit Resume” button at the top of a job description page.
  5. If you don’t hear from the supervisor within a couple days, follow up by visiting that office or calling them to set up an interview.

Getting Hired

After interviewing, supervisors will submit a “Recommendation to Hire” report via JobQuest. You may not begin working until all pre-employment procedures have been completed and you are notified by Career Services that you may begin working.

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