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Tuition & Financial Aid

Discover an Affordable Education at Urbana U

Reasonable tuition. Accessible financial aid. Let’s do this.

A private education is affordable – and we’ll show you how. Your needs are important to us, so we’ll work with you and your family to keep tuition low and assistance high. 

Things like scholarships, financial aid, and student employment and work-study programs can add up to make a big difference in the end. They’ll lower the impact you feel on your wallet, so they’re worth studying up on.

Remember, we’re in this together. We’re here to help.

Tuition & Fees

Invest in Yourself

You have big dreams – and you're counting on your education to help you get there. There are few things as valuable as a top-notch education. And here at Urbana, we’ll show you it’s right within your budget.


Reduce Your Tuition Cost

Taking time to research and apply for scholarships really pays off. You’ll get money to pay for college and so much more. Our scholarship programs connect you with diverse communities on campus and across the nation for a better learning experience. 

Types of Financial Aid

Find the tools to make college affordable.

Finding the assistance you need is a cinch when you know what’s available and understand the advantage to you. Learn more about the types of financial aid available to you and try out our Net Price Calculator to estimate the costs of your Urbana degree.

Work Study & Student Employment

Way to take charge.

Attending the University and working for the University? Now that’s the definition of a Blue Knight. Learn more about our work-study program and student employment opportunities at Urbana. On-campus positions are limited – apply now!

Net Price Calculator

Run the numbers to estimate the cost of your Urbana Education.

Want to get an estimate of the financial aid that would be available to you as an Urbana student? The College Board’s Net Price Calculator is just what you need. It generates a “sticker price” for your tuition, fees, room, board, books and supplies – minus any grants or scholarships you may be eligible for.