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Use Your Skills To Reduce Your Tuition Cost

A successful scholarship search is money in the bank

It’s true what they say: every bit helps. So why not apply for scholarships to help with some of that cost?

Scholarships are gifts that don’t need to be repaid. Thousands of them are available – some are offered through Urbana, while others can be found through employers, individuals, private companies, communities, nonprofits, and professional and social organizations.

While they range in value, they’re worth the time and effort to help reduce the cost of your education. Apply for as many as you can and watch the savings add up.

Academic Scholarships

The Urbana University Academic Merit Scholarship is available to freshmen and transfer students.

Athletic Scholarships

On the field or court. In the pool or around the golf course. Our NCAA Division II student athletes prove to be successful outside the classroom, as well as in it. So we make athletic scholarships available to these dedicated Blue Knights. 

CBusStudentHack Scholarship

Club Sport Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarships

Private Scholarships

Privately funded scholarships for Urbana University undergraduate students are now available for the coming academic year, 2019-2020. Click here to view a comprehensive list and description of the privately funded scholarships that are available. These scholarships are funded by individuals and organizations who are eager to help students like you complete their education at Urbana University.

STEM Scholarships

Urbana offers several different scholarships for students seeking a college degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics-based (STEM) field. 

Student Leader Scholarships

Urbana University recognizes and challenges students who have the ability to excel at the highest level. 

These scholarships are available to currently enrolled students who seek opportunities to lead in the Residents Life program. 

External Scholarships

Find a variety of other available scholarships from various community groups and professional organizations.

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