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Library Search

Jump right into your next paper or project! With online library search services, you can gather resource material anywhere and anytime. Access articles, journals, books and research guides from the campus library, as well as statewide collections and databases through OhioLINK which connects you with resources from 100+ college and university libraries in Ohio.

If you’re new to the world of online research, don’t sweat it. We’ve provided instructions here to help you get started with your catalog or database search.   

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Online Resources


Urbana University Catalog
Search the Urbana University Catalog to find resources that are easily accessible right here at UU.

OhioLINK Catalog
The OhioLINK Catalog displays material owned by 100+ OhioLINK libraries. 

SearchOhio Catalog
SearchOhio is a group of public libraries in the state of Ohio whose catalogs are all linked together to allow easy sharing of materials.


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