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Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership

Boost Your Leadership Skills with an Online Ed.D.

Is becoming an impactful leader something that you aspire to do? With Franklin University’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Organizational leadership, you’ll take a comprehensive approach to building your leadership skills in order to lead organizational change and get results. You’ll further boost these skills by choosing a focus area in Organizational Leadership, PK-12 Educational Leadership or Higher Education Leadership. 

Count on Our Support

Franklin’s Ed.D. is designed to be finished. With a plan from day one, you’ll complete two years of coursework before focusing on your dissertation in your third year. You’ll also have a network of support – from your academic advisor and your faculty advisor to an online, cross-disciplinary community of other doctoral students, and even your own personal librarian. At Franklin you’ll have a team of allies in your corner. 

Complete Your Degree in 3 Years

Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership

Urbana University is a branch campus of Franklin University. Accredited and nonprofit, Franklin has built its reputation by removing barriers to higher education for busy adults who balance earning a degree with other commitments.

Learn more about the program, including admission requirements and tuition information.

Earn a Doctorate That Fits Your Ambition

A widely recognized credential, the Ed.D., will distinguish you from other high performers and open the door to a variety of next-level opportunities. You’ll build your leadership knowledge by evaluating real-world situations and recommending appropriate theory-based management practices to solve challenges. You’ll learn what it takes to become a successful change agent, and also examine various approaches to leadership to determine their effectiveness in leading organizations and culture. 

Focus your degree based on your professional goals. 

Organizational Leadership: Refine the leadership essentials necessary to lead high performing organizations, while you benefit from the experience of a university well-known for preparing leaders who excel in a wide variety of industries and organizations.  

PK-12 Educational Leadership: Raise the bar for yourself and those around you with the expertise you’ll find at Franklin. From our International Institute for Innovative Instruction our School of Education, Franklin’s reputation for creating high-achieving education professionals is reflected throughout the PK-12 focus area. 

Higher Education Leadership: Lead and innovate in the increasingly competitive higher education industry. As a doctoral student at Franklin, which is well-regarded for its accessibility, adaptability and responsiveness, you’ll gain fresh perspective as you are guided by mentors who have tackled issues similar to those that challenge you. 

Regardless of which focus area you choose, you’ll have the option to complete an applied research dissertation or a dissertation in practice in which you’ll offer a solution to a real-world challenge currently facing your industry.

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