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The Path to Sustainability

Working hard today for a better tomorrow

Urbana University is committed to incorporating sustainability in all we do. In keeping with that commitment, Urbana University became the first university to gain recognition by the International Sustainability Council by developing a Sustainability Charter. We’re also known for our Urbana University Sustainability Report, which we’re extremely proud of.

Core Beliefs

  • Sustainability calls for internalizing all costs, including those imposed on social and environmental systems, and attaining profitability.
  • A free enterprise system and governance, with leaders who are informed and embrace a stewardship ethic, best ensures sustainability.
  • Sustainable leadership is both necessary and critical to creating successful enterprises that will prevail over time.

Sustainability Management Graduate Certificate

Let’s build a sustainable future

This certificate program equips students with efficient management skills relating to the limited resources in our world today. In obtaining this certificate, students learn and apply principles of sustainable management of resources and opportunities based on a triple-bottom-line perspective. They’ll obtain and demonstrate the ability to manage trade-offs among social, economic and environmental values and resources that are critical to the promotion of a sustainably productive future.

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