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Johnny Appleseed Education Center & Museum

Discover an American Folk Hero

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The Johnny Appleseed Educational Center & Museum holds the largest collection of memorabilia and written information about the life of John "Appleseed" Chapman in the world. Complete with a computer research database and a family history and National Registry of Johnny Appleseed’s relatives, the museum is a wealth of history and a lot of fun.

What's On Display

Special items on display at the museum include:

  • A cider press (circa 1850), used by John James to process apples from trees planted by Johnny Appleseed in Champaign County
  • Wood and bark from original trees planted by Johnny Appleseed in Ohio and Indiana 
  • Photos of monuments and markers dedicated to Johnny Appleseed 
  • Many publications about the life and legend of Johnny Appleseed
  • Johnny Appleseed in pop culture such as dolls, comic books, and corporate advertisements

In 1999, seedlings from the last known surviving apple tree planted by Johnny Appleseed were transplanted in the courtyard around Barclay-Bailey Hall. The trees are testimony to Johnny Appleseed's everlasting contributions to agricultural stewardship. 

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