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Environmental Education

Go Green

Better the World through Environmental Education

The Sustainability Program at Urbana University has received grants from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF), the Ohio Department of Natural Resource, and the Levin Family Foundation to help achieve our mission.

With the OEEF grant funding, we created an environmental education tour complete with a rain garden, and have completed three years of our recurring demonstration of trout rearing on campus to enhance our students’ understanding of aquatic ecosystems and water quality. These grants have also helped us incorporate environmental education activities into family events sponsored by our local partners, such as Cedar Bog, Champaign Family YMCA and Urbana High School.

Urbana University's Sustainability Coordinator, Dr. Tingting Cai, is directing this outreach project. We're thrilled to have Dr. Cai leading this effort.

Our Mission

The Outdoor Environmental Education Collaborative Outreach Committee of Champaign County is a team of local collaborators who are passionate about environmental education in Champaign County, Ohio. Our goal is to increase environmental awareness within our community and to improve the educational experience of students across Champaign County.

Available Resources

Learning items available through our OEEF grant

Funding for this project is provided in part by a grant that Urbana University received in 2013 from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Education Fund (OEEF). The following items have been purchased through the OEEF grant and are available for loan to our collaborating partners:

  • Groundwater Flow Model and Rain Simulator
  • Mobile Lab of Activities (includes activities from Project WET, Project Learning Tree, and Healthy Water/Healthy People)
  • Energy and Society Kits from Project Learning Tree
  • Hach Education Test Kits: Water Ecology 
  • Open Reel Tapes for Distance Measurement
  • Quadrats (for plant diversity measurement) 
  • Vernier Digital Multimeters (for water quality testing)
  • Soil Moisture Samplers
  • Water Testing Meters

Take a Tour

The Committee

Our Outdoor Environmental Education Committee was formed to deliver educational activities to engage the public in the exploration of environmental issues in Champaign County. We aim to:

  • Incorporate material from Project WET, Healthy Water, Healthy People and Project Learning Tree, in designing demonstrations and hands-on activities delivered onsite at Urbana University and at local events sponsored by collaborating organizations
  • Use a mobile lab for activities at events offered by collaborating organizations
  • Design a tour that will educate the community on the importance of water resources, with an emphasis on water quality, local ecosystems and other aspects of sustainable resources
  • Assist Urbana University in creating a rain garden as part of its demonstration site

Committee Members

  • Dr. Tingting Cai - Urbana University
  • Paul Waldsmith - Champaign County Family YMCA
  • Sonya Stonerock - Champaign County Family YMCA
  • Tracy Bleim - Cedar Bog Nature Preserve
  • Debra Barger - Kiser Lake State Park
  • Eric Evans - Ohio Caverns
  • Dr. Dave Smith - Freshwater Farms
  • Marc Stadler - Valley View Woodlands
  • Jean Gayley - Cedar Bog Nature Preserve
  • Julie McDaniel - Urbana University
  • Dr. Beth Paul - Urbana University
  • Ty Henderson - Champaign County Library
  • Cheryl Ogden - Johnny Appleseed Educational Center & Museum
  • Dr. Mary Anne Frazee - Urbana University
  • Dale Goddard - Champaign Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Sarah Kelly - Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
  • Paula Chapski - Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
  • Susan Fleece - Urbana High School

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