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Financial aid comes in many different forms. There’s federal aid. There’s state aid. And don’t forget private loans. 

You’ve got options when it comes to getting a quality education at a lower cost. At Urbana University, we want you to be as educated as possible on financial aid opportunities to help you pay for your education. 

Why? It’s just plain smart. (And if you’re considering Urbana University, we figure you’re pretty smart already.)

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Teacher Licensure Programs (Non-Degree)

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Documents & Forms

Other Financial Aid-related forms can be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office. These forms include:

  • Dependency Override Appeal
  • Homeless/At-Risk Form
  • Legal guardianship/Emancipated Minor Form
  • Non-Degree Statement of Purpose for Post-Baccalaureate
  • Permanent Disability Discharge Form
  • Parental Non-disclosure Application Form
  • Proof of Prior Aid Cancellation Form
  • Special Circumstances Appeal
  • Unusual Enrollment History Appeal
  • Ward of Court/Orphan Form
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