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Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance at Urbana University

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the total estimated amount it will cost you to attend Urbana University during the award year. Your COA estimate can include costs for the following items:

  • Your tuition and fees.
  • Room and board.
  • Books and supplies.
  • Transportation.
  • Personal and miscellaneous expenses.

Other costs allowed but not automatically built into your budget include child care, elder care, or a computer purchase. To include these items in your budget, you must notify the Financial Aid office of the costs and provide supporting documentation.

Budget Examples

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Documents & Forms

Other Financial Aid-related forms can be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office. These forms include:

  • Dependency Override Appeal
  • Homeless/At-Risk Form
  • Legal guardianship/Emancipated Minor Form
  • Non-Degree Statement of Purpose for Post-Baccalaureate
  • Permanent Disability Discharge Form
  • Parental Non-disclosure Application Form
  • Proof of Prior Aid Cancellation Form
  • Special Circumstances Appeal
  • Unusual Enrollment History Appeal
  • Ward of Court/Orphan Form

Financial Aid FAQs

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