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At Urbana University, education is not just for the mind, but also for the body and soul. Investing in yourself with a college degree really stretches you to be your best self – and fosters memorable experiences that stick with you for a lifetime. 

If a college education is something you want, we’re committed to helping you find ways to make it happen financially. The long-term financial, social and emotional benefits are well worth it in the end.

Quality education at an affordable cost. That’s the Urbana way.


Traditional Students

  Semester Annual
Full-time (12-18 hrs - first time students) per semester $11,226 $22,452
Total Full-Time ($22,452/30 = $748 per hour)  $11,226 $22,452
Overload (over 18 credit hours) per semester hour $459  
Part-time (less than 12 hours) per semester hour  $459  
Summer Term per semester hour $459  
Post Bac, per credit hour $459  


Graduate Students

  Semester Annual
Graduate Programs per semester hour $525  

*Rates are effective for classes beginning August 1, 2016


Room & Board

Resident Halls & Suites: per semester (if available)

  Semester Annual
Housing deposit (refundable)  $250  
Residence Halls: per semester    
South & East Halls (double room) $1,735 $3,470
Hazard, Sycamore & McConnell Halls $1,872 $3,744
Single rooms, if available $2,444 $4,888
Super single rooms (a double room occupied by 1 student), if available $2,902 $5,804


Board Plans: per semester (estimated)

  Semester Annual
19 meal plan (includes $125 Blue Knight Bucks) $3,036 $6,072
15 meal plan (includes $125 Blue Knight Bucks) $2,864 $5,728
Commuter Meal Plan (45 meals and $100 Blue Knight Bucks) $465  
Commuter Lite Plan (1st time Freshman - 15 meals and $20 Blue Knight Bucks) $195  


General Fees
   Semester Annual
Advance tuition deposit (new students only)  $125  
Admission application fee for undergraduate level $25  
Re-admission fee for undergraduate level $15  
Audit (per credit hour)  $150  
Credit by examination (per credit hour)  $150  
Credit for life experience (per credit hour)  $150  
Evaluation of CLEP, AP, NTL Credit (per credit hour)  $50  
Field experience fee $65  
Graduation Fee - undergraduate level $40  
          Late graduation application fee $50  
          Re-application fee $40  
          Late diploma application fee $50  
Graduation Fee - graduate level $145  
          Late graduation fee $50  
          Re-application fee $145  
          Late diploma application fee $50  
Health Insurance (see below*)    
          Fall and Spring semesters (full year)  TBA  
          Spring semester only  TBA  
          International Students (applies to all international students)  TBA  
Return check charge  $50  
Room reservation deposit for first-year residence hall $125  
Senior citizen registration fee (no tuition per semester)  $50  
Special examination fee  $50  
Student Athlete Accident & Injury Insurance, per semester  $100 $200
Transcript charge / fax transcript charge  $8  

*Proof of insurance must be provided annually to the nurse prior to the first day of classes. If not provided prior to the first day of classes, all residence students and commuter students will be charged for Urbana University's health insurance. International students are required to purchase Urbana University's health insurance. 

Rates for tuition and fees subject to change. 

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