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Student Internships

Gain Professional Insight with UU’s Internship Program

An internship is an experiential learning opportunity for you to work within an organization for an extended period of time. Nearly every UU program requires an internship to provide you the experience you need in preparing for your future career. The partnership between you, the employer and Urbana University supports you in gaining professional experience that relates to your field of interest.

Participating in an internship will give you the edge you need to find a career when you graduate. Position yourself for success by gaining real-world experience in problem-solving, networking and communication. In the Forbes article, “How Valuable are Internships to College Students’ Future Careers,” students who have participated in an internship are shown to have an upper-hand when applying for jobs. “If the prospective employer is in the same field as your internship employer, then your experience demonstrates a focus on and commitment to that same field,” it says. Participating in a hands-on, interactive internship with Urbana University is what you need to achieve your goals in entering the workforce. 

Discover Your Passion as an Intern

An internship experience will guide you to a career that best aligns with your interests. It will allow you to test out a career field and a professional work environment to ensure the position you are considering coincides with your passions. When you take the necessary steps to gain this experience, not only will you boost your resume, but you will also know what to expect from future employers.

Take what you’ve learned in your classes and apply it to a real-world scenario. As you familiarize yourself with potential careers, you will gain new perspectives and bring valuable conversations to your remaining classes.

Internships prepare you for your future. Gain insight, feel empowered and discover your passions. Visit us in the Student Success Center to find an internship that’s the right fit for you. 

Benefits of Having an Internship

  • You will gain practical experience while applying classroom knowledge to a professional setting
  • You will develop professional relationships and cultivate a network of contacts in a field of their interests
  • You increase marketability to employers upon graduation 
  • You will become familiar with specific work functions and will learn career-related skills and behaviors
  • You will learn by observation and gain real-world insight by professionals
  • You will enhance their resume which will help stand out to prospective employers 

Employer Partnerships

The following employers and organizations partner with Urbana University to offer internships:


  • Phillip M  Edwards Financial


  • Caring Kitchen 

Criminal Justice 

  • Champaign County Municipal Court
  • Franklin County Probate Court
  • Logan County Prosecutors  Office
  • Urbana University (1)


  • Bonecutter Properties

Exercise Science

  • Donay Life and Wellness Center
  • Champaign County YMC
  • Urbana University ( 7)
  • Cerebral Palsy Sport Association of Thailand (CPSAT) 
  • Arbors at London ( London, Ohio )
  • Memorial Gables Nursing Home & Rehabilitation 
  • Madison County Hospital Rehabilitation

Human Resources

  • Ultra-Met Company

Sport Management

  • The Cincinnati Reds
  • Dayton Dragons
  • Urbana University (4)

Psychology /Sociology

  • Council  on Rural Services
  • CRSI ( Champaign Residential Services, Inc.)
  • Mercy McAuley Center
  • Oesterlen Services for Youth


  • CT Communications
  • Speedway LLC

Political Science

  • Congressman Jim Jordan, Ohio 4th District

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