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Student Health Services

Feel better – fast.

When you’re feeling under the weather, rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of at UU. 

Urbana University Student Health Services provides medically oriented educational materials, first-aid support, and support during illnesses, including referrals to local medical facilities.

From medical checkups to wellness support and health education, we’re here to make sure you stay healthy and vibrant as an Urbana student.

In This Section

Counseling Services

Need help? We’re here to support you. We offer counseling services so you can to support you during your time at Urbana.

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Health Insurance

We make sure all of our students are covered by health insurance. Learn what you need to do to prove or gain coverage.

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Local Health Resources

Looking for emergency medical services? Local options are available to students in need of urgent medical care.

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College immunizations

Learn the important facts about college immunizations and how you can protect yourself, including vaccination.

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