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Dining Services

Your Dining Experience

Don’t get “hangry.” Get your food on your terms.

College can be demanding – but food is one thing you don’t need to worry about. Urbana University has designed a meal program to meet your needs. 

Whether you’re working toward a healthy lifestyle or looking for a meal plan to fuel you as a student athlete, we’re here to provide you with delicious and balanced options.

Meal Plans

Flexible Options!

When it comes to food, you have options. Urbana University offers flexible meal plans to students living on and off campus.

All meal plans include:

  • Meals
    • Meals available at The Commons during scheduled breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner times.
  • Flex Dollars
    • Flex dollars can be used at the White Family Grill for late night dining.
    • Additional Flex dollars can be added to your plan at any time.

Two meal plans are offered to students living on campus and a third option is for students that commute to campus.

  • For students living on-campus:
    • Blue Knight Platinum Plan
      • Includes 19 meals (per week), and
      • $125 Blue Knight Bucks Flex dollars (per semester)
    • Blue Knight Select Plan (Not available for first year students)
      • Includes 15 meals (per week), and
      • $125 Blue Knight Bucks Flex dollars (per semester)
  • For commuting students: (Commuter Plans are renewable at any point during the semester)
    • Commuter Choice Plan
      • 55 meals (per semester)
      • $100 Blue Knight Bucks Flex dollars 
    • Commuter Lite Plan
      • 25 meals (per semester)
      • $20 Blue Knight Bucks Flex dollars

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