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Information for Parents of Urbana University Students

All Roads Lead to Urbana

We want you feel comfortable sending your kids to Urbana University. Which is why we’re here for them, and you, every step of the way. Explore what we have to offer UU parents – and reach out with questions, concerns and ideas on how we can enhance you experience.

Adacemics & Admissions

Degree Programs

There are several degree options for students considering Urbana University – bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, associate degree programs, certificates, endorsements and even post-baccalaureate programs. See what we have to offer.
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Urbana University is a smart choice for both students and their families. Close to home but far from ordinary, Urbana is a great place to learn and grow. Your family will help set our campus apart from every other school.
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Graduate Students >
Transfer Students >
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Our curriculum combines the big-picture perspective of the liberal arts with a career-focused education. Each college develops forward-thinking programs of study designed to broaden students’ perspectives and establish an appreciation for lifelong learning.
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Financial information

Tuition & Fees

Education is a valuable investment – and investment that lasts a lifetime. At Urbana University, we’re committed to keeping the private education experience within reach financially with low tuition and fees.
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Financial Aid & Scholarships

At Urbana, there are many financial aid and scholarship options. And more than 90 percent of Urbana students take advantage of these scholarships, grants, loans or employment in order to cover the costs.
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Applying For Financial Aid >
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Work Study & Student Employment

Students gain tons of great experience and help establish future career connections through work study and student employment. Plus, the money earned helps with tuition, books, dining out and more!
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Campus Living

Housing & Dining

We offer a safe and comfortable living environment with top-notch resources and a Dining Hall with great food and robust meal plan options.
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Dining Services >
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Activities & Recreation

It’s easy for students to get involved with all the fun stuff Urbana University has to offer – cultural, recreational and social events are held on campus throughout the year.
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Student Assistance

Student Services, the Urbana University library and the IT Help Desk are just a few of the super-helpful tools available to all our students.
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Health & Safety


Students can find education-based medical materials, first aid, and assistance with minor illnesses at our Health Services department.
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Campus Safety

We’re committed to keeping our campus community and visitors safe. Even with a Residence Life staff and a well-trained Campus Safety department, faculty, staff and students are all responsible for following the procedures we have in place.
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Counseling Services

Available to each and every student, counseling services help deal with homesickness, anxiety, depression, family problems, and so much more.
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University Information

Campus Directory

Catch a glimpse of Urbana University’s campus – and don’t forget to schedule a tour or come see us in person!
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University Directory >

Quick Facts, History & Leadership

The facts, the history, the vision. Take a look at all the great things that make Urbana University one of a kind.
Urbana Quick Facts >
Urbana History >
Urbana Leadership >
Urbana Mission, Vision & Values >

Registrar, Policies & Accreditation

Get the specifics on consumer information, policies and procedures, and our accreditation status.
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Consumer Information >
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