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Class & Placement Testing

Class & Placement Testing

The Urbana University Library/Learning Commons offers testing services for students needing to take make up and accommodations tests.  We also administer placement exams to incoming students.

Testing Information

Class Testing

Class testing is the most common service provided by the testing center and includes make-up tests due to athletic events or other reasons and accommodations testing (extended time, distraction-reduced space, etc.). You must register through the Office of Disability Services before scheduling an exam with accommodations. Students must take their tests prior to their instructor's assigned deadline and during our testing hours of operation. As with all testing, photo ID is required and no personal belongings (bags, cellphones, etc.) are allowed in the testing room. 

Students need to make an appointment to take out-of-class exams using the online booking system link below.

Placement Testing

Placement exams are designed and used to determine the best fit for students as they begin Urbana courses. Your admissions advisor will notify you about placement exams that are required before enrollment. Please contact

Placement testing is offered at the library on Urbana's campus for Urbana and Franklin students. The Urbana University Library is closed until further notice because of the Coronavirus threat.  Students needing to take placement testing should contact UU Admissions at

Want to be sure you know what to expect when taking placement exams? Then check out Student Information for Placement Testing.

Testing Policies

  1. A valid photo ID is required. This can be a student ID, driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID. 
  2. All personal belongings will be given to the testing staff member and placed in a secure area. The following items are not permitted in the testing room: 
    • Purses/ bookbags/ briefcases 
    • Hats 
    • Food 
    • Cell phones, smart watches, pagers, iPods, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic devices 
  3. Please allow adequate time to check in and receive instructions for your exam. 
  4. Special arrangements (extensions, additional permitted materials, etc.) must be requested from your instructor. Students testing through the Office of Disability Services must request accommodations before scheduling a test in the testing center.
  5. No exams are given beyond the specified date without permission from the instructor. 
  6. Communication with others outside the testing room is prohibited. If seen conversing with others your test will be confiscated. 
  7. Accessing any outside resources during your testing session may result in the termination of your exam. Any such activity will be reported. 
  8. Going in and out of the testing room for breaks is not allowed. Please use the restroom before you enter the testing room and begin your exam. 
  9. When you are finished, bring your completed exam to the testing staff. 
  10. All scrap paper must be turned in to the testing staff once your testing session has ended. Anything you used during testing must be collected--including permitted note sheets. 
  11. Come prepared for and give enough time to complete your exam prior to the Library closing. All tests will be terminated at closing time regardless of time remaining. 
  12. Items left in the testing room will be placed in a lost and found box. 
  13. If you have questions during your exam please exit the testing room and speak to the testing staff. 
  14. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the termination of your exam.