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Transfer Requirements

For students seeking transfer to Urbana University after attending another college or university

Students who have attended another college or university may seek admission and transfer to Urbana University at any time!

Transfer Applicant Admission Requirements/Materials:

  1. Documentation of high school graduation or equivalence is required for applicants who are transferring fewer than 24 semester hours that apply towards a degree. 
  2. If the student has transferable hours of 24 credit hours or more from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, then they will not have to provide a high school diploma or equivalence.

    Acceptable forms of documentation of high school graduation or high school equivalence for undergraduate admission must include one of the following: 
  • Official high school transcript listing the date of graduation  Official GED certificate 
  • Official documentation of having passed a State High School Equivalency examination 
  • Official documentation of a home school completion certificate/transcript 
  • Official transcripts from all educational institutions (college, universities, professional schools, etc.) attended

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