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Student Grievance and Appeal Procedures

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At Urbana University, we’re committed to making your voice heard. That’s why we offer several avenues for you to file complaints or grievances as part of a process designed to resolve them together. Some procedures include specific deadlines for filing grievances or complaints, and once submitted, will be reviewed. Please express your concerns as quickly as possible after the event. We encourage you to act on problems that occur while enrolled at the University in a constructive manner. 

If you need help with the grievance process, contact the Student Services Office or your academic advisor.

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For complaints that do not fall into the categories above, contact the Dean of Students for guidance.

Submit an Anonymous Report

If you see, hear or experience an incident that threatens your safety or the safety of the broader community, report it immediately to the Campus Safety & Security at 937-484-1111 or click the link below.

Submit an Anonymous Report

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