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Find information about Urbana University’s policies, accreditations and approvals, including Title IX, Assessment, Consumer Information, and Student Grievance and Appeal Procedures.

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Title IX

We provide equal opportunity at Urbana University. Get Title IX accreditation information and learn about what it means for all students, faculty and staff at Urbana University.

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Accreditation & Affiliation

We know how important a degree from an accredited university is to your future. Learn about Urbana University’s accreditations and approvals status.

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We are committed to student success – and we focus our efforts on understanding and improving student learning through assessment.

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Consumer Information

Urbana University’s consumer information is provided to keep current and future students in the know as we meet disclosure and reporting requirements.

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Student Grievance and Appeal Procedures

Have a complaint to file? We offer students, faculty and staff services to address complaints and grievances and work toward solutions together. Here’s what you need to know.

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Academic Policies

Understanding the University’s academic policies is the key to staying on track as you earn your degree. Learn what’s expected of a successful Urbana student.

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Transfer & Articulation

This content will display on this page’s parent page and will be used to populate the “Subpage Section” Do you have previously earned credit? We have agreements with several colleges to make transferring your credit easier.

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Get a handle on the University’s grading system, credit hour policies and how academic credits are calculated.

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Reasonable Progress

Students must demonstrate reasonable progress to protect their academic standing and eligibility for financial aid, as well as participation in athletics and extracurricular activities.

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Students who do not make reasonable academic progress may be subject to sanctions, which include academic warning, academic probation, suspension and dismissal. Students can contest sanctions through the University’s Appeals Process.

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Access to educational records is restricted by the federal FERPA law. It’s important for students and parents to understand the privacy rights granted by FERPA.

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Copyright Infringement

Significant civil and criminal penalties exist for violation of federal copyright laws.

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Drug Free School & Communities Act

Urbana University is focused on the protection of the campus community.

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Privacy Policy

Urbana University is committed to honoring the privacy of visitors to its Website.

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Terms of Use

The following page explains the terms of use for the website such as privacy, ownership of material, conduct, and other standards set forth.

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