Q:  Can I have food and drink in the library?

A:  Yes, if your food is snack-like and not an open plate or meal, you do not have food delivered to the library, you don't eat or drink near the computers and you report a spill immediately.

Q: How do I use OhioLINK? Do I need a separate card or password?

A: The Swedenborg Memorial Library is part of OhioLINK, so there is no charge for you to borrow books, use databases, and so on. Your name and the barcode on your library card or the back of your student ID are all you need.  If your barcode number isn't working please call 937-772-9313.  You may have been deleted from the system or you may have a fine on your account. If you find that you are having problems accessing anything through OhioLINK, such as e-books, ask the library staff for assistance. There are some services provided by OhioLINK that Urbana University does not subscribe to. If you have any questions about OhioLINK, ask for assistance at the circulation desk or check out OhioLINK frequently asked questions.

Q:  How does the OhioLINK borrowing system work?

A:  All OhioLINK books are checked out for three weeks and may be renewed six times for a total checkout period of 21 weeks.  If any other patron at any of the OhioLINK schools puts a hold on a book that you have checked out, you will not be able to renew that book when it comes due.  When a book has been overdue for a while, OhioLINK will assume that you are not going to return it and they will automatically add a replacement fee of $125.00 to your library account.  This fee will prevent you from requesting any more items through OhioLINK until the book you have been charged for is returned.  We cannot renew a book once OhioLINK has charged you the $125.00 replacement fee.  If you wish to keep the book for the entire semester, in spite of the replacement fee and the loss of OhioLINK borrowing privileges, the entire fee of $125.00 will be removed from your account when you return the book at the end of the semester.  If you do not return the book at the end of the semester, the $125.00 fee will be added to your account at the Student Accounts Office and will prevent you from graduating or registering for the following semester.

Q: How can I tell when items I have requested from OhioLINK are here?

A:  We will call you or send you a message on Facebook when your requested items arrive.  You may also go to the UU library catalog page and click on "My Account" to see if the items are in transit or have been received.

Q: What do I need to check out materials from the library?

A: A library card or a library barcode on the back of your student ID.

Q: How can I renew items?

A: You can bring your items to the library or call on the phone to have them renewed.  You can also go to the Urbana University catalog page and click on "My Account" at the top and renew them yourself.

Q: Can I check out books at other OhioLINK libraries?

A: Yes, your UU ID acts as a library card at all OhioLINK member libraries.  You can visit other libraries, browse their stacks and check out items.

Q: My professor put something on reserve.  How can I find it?

A:  Reserve items are kept behind the lobby desk or in the office behind the lobby desk.  You must sign out reserve items even though most of them are not allowed to leave the library.

Q: Are there computers available in the library so that I can do research?

A: There are computers available in the lobby and the South Wing that students, faculty, and staff can use to do research, type papers, or search the catalog.

Q: Is there wireless Internet available in the library?

A: Yes, the entire library building is wireless.

Q: Where do I go if I have a question about the collection or the electronic databases?

A: You can ask for help at the circulation desk or e-mail library@urbana.edu.

Q: Does the library have a photocopy machine?

Yes, the library has two copiers--one in the lobby (makes color and black and white copies) and one in the South Wing (makes black and white copies only). 

Q: Can I send or receive a fax in the library?

A: Yes, the library has a fax machine in a staff office.  Students and staff may send and receive faxes.  The fax number is (937) 653-8551. 

Q:  What is SearchOhio and when do I use it?

A:  SearchOhio is a group of public libraries in the state of Ohio whose catalogs are all linked together to allow easy sharing of materials.  Urbana University patrons are able to order items through SearchOhio.  If you are searching for an item and no one in OhioLNK owns it, click on the SearchOhio icon that appears at the top of the screen when you are on the OhioLINK catalog page.

Q: What if I need a book or article that is not available through OPAL, OhioLINK or SearchOhio?

A: Urbana also participates in an interlibrary loan program. You may borrow items from libraries all over the country. You may ask at the front desk about this service. This service takes time, so remember to do your research early!

Q: Can I access OhioLINK databases (for journal articles) from home?

A: Yes, this is a service provided by Urbana University through OhioLINK.  To get into the OhioLINK databases click on the "Listed by Database Name" link. When you choose a database, the “Off-Campus Access” page will come up.  Type your last name in the first box and your library barcode number (14 digit number that begins with 22024) in the second box.  Click on “LOGIN.”  If you have questions about this or any other OhioLINK service, ask for assistance at the circulation desk.

Q: I have a rather complicated reference question. Who can help me with this?

A: Any of our staff can help you when the library is open. When the library is closed, you can e-mail us.

Q: There is a Latin inscription above the main entrance of the Library? Can you tell me what it means in English?

A: "Now it is permitted to enter intellectually into the mysteries of faith."

Q: What are e-books? Are there any rules or regulations regarding their use?

A: E-books are electronic books that can be found within the library catalog. You must have a valid library barcode to access these books from off campus.

Q: As an adjunct faculty member, do I have the same access to library resources as full time faculty members?

A:  Yes.  You need to bring your UU ID to the library to activate the library barcode on the back.  If you do not have a UU ID, come to the library and get a library card.


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