Using Catalogs and Databases

When using the computers in the library, open up Internet Explorer.  The Urbana University home page should come up.  If not, ask for assistance.

When working from home, type in  When the Urbana University home page comes up click on Academics, Campus Life or Resources and then click on "Library."  When the library page comes up, click on Urbana University Catalog (first choice under "Books").

You may search for books using keyword, author, title, subject, etc.  To search for a particular book--click on title, type in title and click on search.  If Urbana University owns the book it will bring up the record, tell you the location (what part of the collection it is in or if it is available at the Student Success Center), give you the call number for retrieval from the shelf and tell you whether or not the book is available (status).

If Urbana University does not own the book, it will say "no matches found."  If you would like to request this book from another library, the next step is to click on the "Search OhioLINK" box at the top of the page.  If any OhioLINK libraries own the book, it will either bring up a list of books with that title or it will bring up the item record for that title.  If it brings up a list, click on the one that best matches what you want (certain publication year, etc.).  The item record page will show which libraries (Library Holdings box) own the book and whether or not it's available at any of the owning libraries.  If there is a copy available, click on the green "Request" button. The next screen will ask you to "Please select your school or institution." Choose "Urbana University" and click on "Submit above information."  Enter your name (last name, first name) and your barcode number.  You do not need to fill in the "cancel if not filled by" date. Click on "Submit."  If you are requesting more than one book, the system will retain your name and barcode number so you don't need to enter them again.   When you request the second, third, etc. book, the "Request Verification" box will come up and all you need to do is click on "Submit."  When you are finished requesting items, click on "Log off" in the upper left corner of the screen so your name and barcode number do not remain in the system.

The book should be delivered to the Urbana University Library in 2-3 days.  We will call you when the book arrives.  You may check the book out for 3 weeks and it may be renewed six times if no one else in OhioLINK puts a hold on it.

You may search for videos, records, CDs, etc. in this same manner.  Most of the audiovisual items borrowed from other libraries are checked out for one week only and cannot be renewed.

If the item is not available in OhioLINK, click on the SearchOhio icon at the top of the page.  SearchOhio is a group of public libraries in the state of Ohio whose catalogs are all linked together to allow easy sharing of materials.  Urbana University patrons are able to order items through SearchOhio.  This borrowing system works the same as OhioLINK. 

If no one inOhioLINK or SearchOhio owns the book,  just fill out an interlibrary loan request form and we will borrow it through our nationwide interlibrary loan program. The book should be here in 7-10 days and we will call you when it arrives.

If you would like to order a magazine article it must be requested through our nationwide interlibrary loan program.  Articles cannot be ordered through OhioLINK. The articles take approximately 7-10 days to arrive and are xeroxed copies that you may keep. 

You may also retrieve magazine articles from the many databases that are available through OhioLINK.  On the Urbana University library page, scroll down and click on "listed by name" under OhioLINK databases.

If you are working from home, type in  When the Urbana University home page comes up, click on Academics, Campus Life or Resources and then click on "Library."  Click on the "Log into OhioLINK from an off-campus computer" link under "OhioLINK Databases."  When the "Institution Selection Form" comes up, choose Urbana University and click on "Submit."  When the "OhioLINK Authentication Form" comes up, type in your last name, first name and barcode and click on "Submit."  If you try to go into the databases without first logging in, it will bring up an EBSCO screen and ask for a user name and password.  You cannot log in this way.

You may pull up databases in three different ways--by subject, type and name.   Academic Search Complete is a good general database to use for searching.  Click on "A" under "Listed by Name" and then click on "Academic Search Complete." 

When the search screen comes up, type your topic in the box at the top of the screen. You may limit your results by marking the "Full Text" and/or "Peer Reviewed" boxes. If you would like to limit your search to a certain time period, you may do so by filling in the "Published Date" boxes.  If you would like articles on your topic to come from a specific magazine, enter the title in the "Publication" box.  When you have everything filled in, click the search button beside your topic. This will bring up all the articles on your topic.

If you are working from home, the first search screen that comes up has nothing on it but a box in which to type your search terms.  Click on "advanced search" under the box.  Another screen will come up that has all the search options.  Type your search term in the box at the top and click the box beside "EBSCO Full Text Only" on the left side under "Limit your results."  If you would like to limit your search to "Peer Reviewed" articles, click this box on the right side under "Limit your results."  If you want the articles to be from a certain magazine, you can type the title in the "Journal" box.  If you want articles from a certain time period, you can enter this information in the "Published Date from" boxes. When you have filled everything in, click on the "Search" button at the top and this will bring up all the articles on your topic.

If the article is PDF full text, you will need Acrobat Reader to bring it up.  To print the article, click on the print button inside the PDF window.  The PDF full text is copied directly from the magazine so pages appear as originally published.  The HTML full text articles are typed into the computer so they do not appear as published.  Just scroll down on the abstract screen to find the HTML full text.  HTML full text does not require the Acrobat Reader.

From Our Alumni

"What I loved about Urbana University right away was the class size.  It became like a support group and we worked through the troubles of life and class together."

-Michelle Lane
Class of ‘02