When using the computers in the library, open up Google Chrome.  The Urbana University Library home page should come up.  If not, ask for assistance.

When working from home, type in www.urbana.edu.  When the Urbana University home page comes up, put the cursor on Academics, Campus Life or Resources and then click on “Library.”   When the library page comes up, click on Urbana University Catalog (first choice under “Books”).

You may search for books using keyword, author, title, subject, etc..  To search for a particular book, click on title, type in title and click on search.

If Urbana University owns the book it will bring up the record, tell you the location (what part of the collection it is in or if it is available at the Student Success Center), give you the call number for retrieval from the shelf and tell you whether or not the book is available (status).

If Urbana University does not own the book, it will say “no matches found.”  If you would like to request this book from another library, the next step is to click on the “Search OhioLINK” box at the top of the page.  If any OhioLINK libraries own the book, it will either bring up a list of books with that title or it will bring up the item record for that title.  If it brings up a list, click on the one that best matches what you want (certain publication year, etc.).  The item record page will show which libraries (Library Holdings box) own the book and whether or not it’s available at any of the owning libraries.  If there is a copy available, click on the green “Request” button. The next screen will ask you to “Please select your school or institution.”  Choose “Urbana University” and click on “Submit above information.”  Enter your name (last name, first name) and your barcode number (14 digit number which begins with 22024).  The “Pickup Institution and “Pickup Location” boxes are already correct.  Click on “Submit.”  If you are requesting more than one book, the system will retain your name and barcode number so you don’t need to enter them again.  When you request the second, third, etc. book, the “Request Verification” box will come up and all you need to do is click on “Submit.” 

The book should be delivered to the Urbana University Library in two to three days.  We will call you or send you a Facebook message when the book arrives.  You may check the book out for three weeks and it may be renewed six times if no one else in OhioLINK puts a hold on it.

You may search for videos, records, CDs, etc. in this same manner.

If the item is not available in OhioLINK, click on the SearchOhio icon at the top of the page.  SearchOhio is a group of public libraries in the state of Ohio whose catalogs are all linked together to allow easy sharing of materials.  Urbana University patrons are able to order items through SearchOhio.   When you bring up the item you want, click on the “Request Item” button to the left of the entry.  Choose Urbana University and click on “Submit above information.”  Fill in your name—first name last name (John Doe) and barcode number.  In SearchOhio you have to choose the pickup location which is “Library Circulation Desk.”  Click on “Submit.”

If no one in OhioLINK or SearchOhio owns the book, just fill out an interlibrary loan request form and we will borrow it through our nationwide interlibrary loan program.  The book should be here in seven to ten days and we will let you know when it arrives.


From Our Alumni

"I had a sense of home at Urbana University.  The professors were like family."

-Jennifer Neff
Class of ‘01