Information Technology

Information Technology is defined as the hardware, software and other electronic elements of University infrastructure that serve to support the University’s mission, and those tasked with providing service and support to those components.




Tech Tips

  • Flash Drives

    Flash drives, JumpDrives™, Pocket drives™, Pen drives™, and Thumb drives™ are all names for the same thing. They are a solid-state medium for storing data, music, photos, and/or applications.
  • A flash drive has many advantages over other removable media such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks and others. Unlike Zip disks, floppies and CDs, flash memory lacks moving parts, making it ideal as a simple solution, requiring only a port to interact with a system. It doesn't require any special hardware, it is smaller, more portable and it is not as likely to develop storage errors. Flash storage devices, compared to other storage media, are fast, high capacity, durable, and compact.

  • If It Sounds Too Good to Be True...

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) recently published "IC3 Internet Fraud - Crime Report", a document that details the types and frequency of Internet fraud scams worldwide. The Internet Fraud Complaint Center, a partnership between the FBI and the NW3C, gives you an easy, fast way to report Internet fraud, and also issues press releases regarding the latest threats.
  • Toolbars are a basic part of a graphical user interface, but many search engine providers such as Yahoo and others have begun offering additional toolbar add-ons. Most all of them are free to download and install. They become embedded in the browser or the Windows taskbar and tout quick access to the search box, along with other "helpful" features such as highlighting search terms and blocking pop-up ads.

    While the primary toolbar offerings, such as Google toolbar and MSN toolbar, are for the most part benign, overall the negatives (less browser window space, eschewed search results, etc.) out weigh the positives when it comes to their use. Indeed, there are some toolbar add-ons designed by marketers and hackers that masquerade as providing goods and services (search engine, free electronics, even cash) and in reality serve as nothing more than spyware or Trojan virus platforms.

We strongly recommend that rather than downloading and using toolbar add-ons to your browser, simply bookmark your favorite search engines or add them to your Favorites, and seek pop-up blocking software that does not include an additional toolbar in your browser window (i.e. No-Ads). In fact, the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows XP include a pop-up blocker as an integral feature and make additional software unnecessary altogether.


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