Swedenborg Lecture Series

The Swedenborg Lecture Series supports research and critical reflection on the topic of American Swedenborgianism.

This annual program provides an award to a recognized scholar who delivers a lecture on the topic and conducts research in the university's Swedenborgian special collection. For more information or to be considered as a lecturer, contact Julie McDaniel, Director, Swdenborg Memorial Library, at julie.mcdaniel@urbana.edu.

Past Lectures

2015 "And Lo! Swedenborg is the Angel Sitting at the Tomb"
William Blake's Complex Relationship with Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

2014 “Apocalypse Above!: Swedenborg’s Unpredictable Reading of the Book of Revelation's Predictions" Dr. James Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality and Historical Studies. Dean, Swedenborgian House of Studies, Pacific School of Religion.

2013  “Angel Windows: Significance of Number Seven.”  Rev. Susannah Currie and Rev. Ken Turley

2012 "Hieroglyhps Written with Sunbeams: John Muir, William Keith, and Swedenborgian Ecology," Dr. Devin Zuber, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Pacific School of Religion and the Swedenborg House of Studies

2010 "Robert Frost's Critical Appropriation of Swedenborg's Theology," Rev. Dr. David Feteke ('80), Pastor, Church of the Holy City, Edmonton, Alberta

2009 "Beyond the Miracle Worker: The Remarkable Life of Anne Sullivan Macy and Her Extraordinary Friendship with Helen Keller," Dr. Kim E. Nielson, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

2008 "From Bush to Suzuki; The Possibility of a Pluralistic Spirituality," Inese Radzins, Pacific School of Religion

2007 "Approaches to Biblical Truth; Emmanuel Swedenborg and the influence of Biblical allegory on the New Thought Movement at the end of the Nineteenth Century," J. Gordon Melton, Institute for the Study of American Religion and the University of California - Santa Barbara

2003 "The Buckeye Swedenborgians; The Impact of a Second Coming Movement in Ohio, 1797-2003," Jane K. Williams-Hogan, Bryn Athyn College of the New Church

2002 "Johnny Appleseed and the Swedenborgian Vision on the Ohio Frontier,"  William Kerrigan, Muskingum College

2001 "Swedenborg and Sherlock Holmes," Robert S. Ellwood, University of Southern California

2000 "Spilled Religion; Swedenborgian Contributions to Modern Culture," Paul Jerome Croce, Stetson University


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