Transfer & Articulation Information

Urbana University continually works to develop articulation agreements with other area colleges and universities. Detailed information concerning these agreements is maintained by each institution, including a listing of course equivalencies and specific program requirements for selected majors.

Urbana University currently maintains articulation agreements with the following institutions: Clark State Community College, Columbus State Community College, Edison Community College, Rhodes State College, and Sinclair Community College.

Since the development and revision of such agreements is an ongoing process, students are encouraged to check with the Office of Admissions for the most current listings of institutions with which Urbana maintains such agreements as well as for the most recent course and program listing. The following general policies apply to the evaluation of credits earned through institutions in which Urbana has an articulation agreement:

  1. A student must have applied for admission, been accepted, and paid the appropriate fees before the initial evaluation of official documents is completed.

  2. The official evaluation of credits will be completed and becomes a part of the official academic record once the student has been officially admitted, registered for classes, and met financial obligations to the University. This evaluation will be done according to the stated stipulations of the agreement.

  3. Notice of the official evaluation of credits will be sent to the student and the student's academic advisor by email and will be available to view in Self-Serivce.  The academic advisor will translate the credit award to a program of study in the student’s selected major. Some college restrictions may apply to the ultimate use of such credit in individual degree programs.

  4. Credits earned through articulation agreements do not apply toward the University’s residency requirement. It is anticipated that up to 63 semester hours may be transferred for Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees; however, it is expected that all college and university requirements will be met in pursuit of an Urbana University degree.

From Our Faculty

"Urbana University gives a professor freedom in ways that larger schools do not.  Here, I can create courses and work one-on-one with students because the classes are small."

-David George, Ph.D
Urbana Faculty