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Urbana University holds one commencement ceremony each May to recognize students who have completed the degree requirements in that calendar year.  

Students should contact the Registrar’s Office to address any questions regarding their eligibility to participate as well as details about the ceremony.  



Graduation with honors is granted in recognition of academic excellence. To be awarded these distinctions, students receiving the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree must have completed at least 63 hours with Urbana University while those receiving an Associate degree from Urbana must have completed at least 40 hours with Urbana University. (Credit for life experience will not be counted toward the credit hour requirement.) 

Honor citations are inscribed on diplomas as follows: 

3.90-4.00 Summa Cum Laude 

3.75-3.89 Magna Cum Laude 

3.60-3.74 Cum Laude 


Students must file with the registrar intent to graduate two semesters prior to the anticipated graduation date. The student’s academic advisor will then complete a degree audit with the student through the Registrar’s Office to determine what courses must be scheduled during the student’s last two semesters of enrollment. All students must file the formal Application for Degree and pay the appropriate fee in the Registrar’s Office according to the following schedule: 

Undergraduate Application to Graduate

Graduate Application to Graduate

Semester of Graduation Deadline
Fall First Day of Summer Semester
Spring First Day of Fall Semester
Summer First Day of Spring Semester

Any student filing an application after the due date will be assessed a late application fee and may not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremonies.  Students must be enrolled in at least one course during the term of graduation.  Graduating students are required to attend classes and are responsible for all course material presented through the last week of regularly scheduled classes and final examination week.  Students not graduating on the expected date must re-apply for graduation and pay the appropriate reapplication fee.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office for specific details.

From Our Alumni

"I had a sense of home at Urbana University.  The professors were like family."

-Jennifer Neff
Class of ‘01