University Kicks Off New Academic Year

Urbana University faculty and staff celebrated the opening of the new academic year with President Stephen B. Jones on Thursday, August 16 at the 2012 Faculty and Staff Advance.

Jones began his State of the University Address by greeting new faculty and staff and acknowledging accomplishments and progress from the previous academic year. 

“We have just put a big year behind us,” Jones said. 

"Our own University is in a period of great transformation,” he said. “Last year marked a period of growth.”    

The University has much to be thankful for and proud of, according to Jones. Points of pride include record graduating enrollment, entrance into the field of online education, exciting campus events, a new athletic conference, and campus accreditation. 

“We put a big year behind us and a great year lies ahead of us.”  

Urbana faces challenges in the future regarding resources to continue the University's efforts, Jones said. But, these are challenges the University is prepared for.  Jones said, “Success breeds success.”

The president thanked the faculty and staff and commended their performance at the University through high levels of performance, daily actions, and genuine gestures to help students achieve their potentials.  



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