Resident Assistant Applications Now Available

The Office of Campus Life is currently accepting applications for 2013-2014 Resident Assistants. Resident Assistants possess strong leadership skills and a commitment to build quality relationships in not only their residential community, but all across the Urbana University campus.

RAs play an integral part in the overall operation of the residence halls. Primarily, the RA is concerned with the growth and development of each individual on his/her floor and the building community as a whole. Additionally, RAs are continually striving to enhance the quality of life for those residents. This includes planning programs, promoting diversity, assisting other residents in confronting social norm problems, and most importantly, enjoying their time at Urbana University.

The RA is seen as an:
RAs create, plan, and implement a comprehensive slate of social and educational programs and activities for their floors and house communities. RAs serve as educators by providing experiences and information that develop skills for healthy living, academic success, and personal well-being. RAs also create opportunities in the house for discussion, facilitating dialogue on diverse ideas, experiences, and opinions. RAs serve to connect their residents to a wide array of educational events around campus.
Peer Advisor
RAs provide support to their residents around personal and academic issues. In their role as peer advisors, RAs also serve as mediators, helping students resolve roommate conflicts and personal disputes. Although Resident Assistants serve as peer advisors, they are not expected to handle serious counseling situations alone; in such cases, RAs work with campus professionals to get their residents connected with the professional resources available on campus.
Role Model
RAs must uphold and model the way for Urbana University community standards and policies, educate others about these policies, and confront and enforce any violations. RAs also serve as role models in a broader sense, by being an example of students who are involved on campus and living well-balanced lives.
Emergency Responder
RAs provide direct response to emergency situations which may arise in the residence hall community. In many emergency situations, the RA’s role is to seek immediate assistance from Campus Safety and the Director of Campus Life, as well as offer support for the individuals involved in the situation.
RAs are required to assist with administrative and housing procedures such as the opening and closing of the residence halls. RAs also participate in weekly staff meetings and supervisory meetings, complete forms and reports, maintain floor bulletin boards, and carry out a rotational duty schedule.

Candidates must be eligible to register for Fall 2013 classes, hold a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, and must be in good judicial and financial standing with Urbana University. Candidates must have also lived on campus for at least one semester.

The RA position is one of the most desired and respected student leadership positions on campus. RA applications are available in the Campus Life Office (Student Center), Student Center Information Desk, Student Services (Blackmer Hall), and the Student Success Center (Hazard Hall).

Applications can also be downloaded by clicking here.


If you would like more information on joining the RA staff, contact Mitch Joseph, Director of Campus Life.


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