Clinton-Massie Students Seize Advantage of College Program

Reposted with permission from Wilmington News Journal

By ANDREA L. CHAFFIN Staff Writer Wilmington News Journal

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - The Clinton-Massie incoming freshman class may have an opportunity to graduate high school with an associate degree.

The district has been working with Urbana University to provide dual enrollment, which provides students the opportunity to seek out advanced coursework while finishing graduation requirements for high school.

In total, 64 Clinton-Massie students participated in dual enrollment during the fall and spring semesters, earning a total of 445 semester hours. This coursework has produced a total savings of $176,860 off the cost of regular tuition at Urbana University for an average savings of $2,763 per student in regular tuition costs at Urbana University.

In the fall of 2011 semester, 42 students participated in the dual enrollment program earning at total of 164 semester hours of credit. This credit was billed at the reduced cost of $75 dollars per semester hour for a total cost of $12,300.

The regular tuition charged to a student per credit hour at Urbana University is $445. The total cost of these courses under the regular rate would be $72,890. The total savings for the coursework delivered through the program during the fall semester was $60,680.

The spring 2012 semester has 57 students participating in the program, earning a total of 281 semester hours of credit. The discounted cost of these credit hours is $21,075.

The regular cost of this coursework would be a total of $125,045, making the total savings for the coursework delivered through the program during the spring semester $103,970.

Randy Dunlap, high school principal, said they’re looking into expanding the program. While many schools offer one or two courses, Clinton-Massie offers nine, and is looking to add psychology, history, physics, art, and music appreciation. Down the road, the district hopes to add economics and business. The goal is for this year’s incoming freshman to graduate with an associate degree, he said.


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