Dr. Richard Vedder Compares Princeton to Urbana in "The Chronicle of Higher Education"

URBANA, Ohio (February 24, 2012) - This past Tuesday and Wednesday, Urbana University hosted a lecture series by Dr. Richard Vedder, distinguished professor of economics at Ohio University and internationally respected free market economist. His visit was the first in a series of lectures sponsored by the BrownRidge Foundation and former United States Representative Clarence Brown Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Eldridge Brown.

Dr. Vedder spoke to an invited group of community leaders, visited with Urbana University students in Dr. Rachel Wilson’s macroeconomics classes, and made a public presentation on “The Roots of American Exceptionalism.” Prior to his arrival on campus, Dr. Vedder was not familiar with Urbana University. After meeting with members of the administration, faculty, and students, he soon became aware of the unique qualities present in this small, rural liberal arts institution of higher learning.

In an article from today’s The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dr. Vedder’s compares Princeton and Urbana Universities. All those with ties to Urbana will be pleased with the outcome of his comparison.

Here is the link to the article: http://chronicle.com/blogs/innovations/princeton-and-urbana-universities-a-tale-of-two-schools/31660


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