Juliellen Byrne Exhibit of Sculptures Open at the Miller Center

URBANA, Ohio (October 29, 2013) - Urbana University’s The Miller Center for Visual Arts opens a new exhibit by artist Juliellen Byrne, “you who the earth was for” with a public reception on Thursday, November 7, 2013 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Ms. Byrne will be present to give her artist remarks throughout the evening. This exhibit of her sculptures will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. thru December 14, 2013. There is no charge for either the Opening Reception or the exhibit, but donations to the Miller Center for Visual Arts are welcome. The Miller Center is located in the Urbana University Browne Hall at 518 College Way, Urbana, Ohio.

Juliellen Byrne is an artist living and working in the Columbus area. She has a master’s degree from The Ohio State University. Julie currently maintains a sculpture studio at 400Rich-a collective of artists, in an area motivated by the notion of renewal and community involvement and owns the Clay Cafe, a paint- your-own pottery in Grandview near the Ohio State campus. Julie is the mother of two, and lives with her husband and daughter in Groveport, Ohio. Her work has always been tied to the idea of a narrative and the figure.

Jean Valentine’s poem, “In Prison”, closes with the line “you who the earth was for”; this exhibit is a narrative about that phrase in the interrogative. The planet including the climate and all things physical, and the political world seem to be in a free fall of change. Perhaps it has always been so.

Ms. Byrne statement about this particular exhibit explains that “the political part of this narrative that motivates my work comes down to thinking about “who” will get what they want, “who” gets to decide, and are the “deciders” fair. Most of the narratives in this show stem from a sense of dread about the things I fear. At this point in my artist life, I have a cast of characters who reappear and adapt to play any role. These include rats (rat- like rabbits too), horses, children (my daughter), the moon, men (usually naked), a Pope like guy, dogs (who are really babies), and babies (who are always my son).” 

“The responsibility to keep the planet a safe place for humans and animals falls to the humans. We are not very careful and our greed makes us shabby stewards. So it has always been.” “This show is not my need to make a statement, but my task to say something,” says Ms. Byrne.

“In Prison”, a poem by Jean Valentine, was first printed in the New Yorker magazine, on May 28, 2007.

For more information on the Miller Center or the upcoming exhibit, contact Steve McInturff, director, at (937) 484-1272.


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