End of Semester Residence Hall Closing Information



Closing/Opening Information

  • Residence Halls will reopen on Sunday, January 12 at noon.
  • The last meal in the Dining Hall will be lunch on Dec. 12 and will resume with dinner on January 12.
  • During the break period, residence halls will not be accessible. RA Staff will not be on duty during this period. Take all valuable items home with you. UU is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Campus Life, Student Services, or Maintenance staff may enter your room during the break period to conduct Health & Safety checks and to ensure that closing procedures were followed.

Before you leave your room for break, please do the following:

  • Close and lock all windows and close blinds/drapes
  • Empty the garbage and place it the appropriate place outside
  • Unplug everything including refrigerators
  • Set thermostat to 65°
  • Turn off lights and lock your door
  • Lock your door

Staying on campus during the break?
Only approved international students, students with academic needs and student-athletes will be approved to stay on campus during Christmas break. WORKING IN TOWN OR THE AREA IS NOT AN APPROVED REASON! If you are staying on campus during the break for any of the above reasons you MUST complete the online Break Housing Request. Don’t rely on you coach to turn in your name! You may be asked to leave campus if you have not completed the online registration!! 

Not returning for the Spring Semester or graduating in December?
You must visit the Campus Life office in the Student Center to withdraw from housing! Failure to withdraw from housing may result in you being billed for the semester. Be sure to turn in your keys (including mailbox key) to you RA, Campus Safety, or the Campus Life office. Failure to return keys will result in fines of up to $100 per key!
Remember, housing contracts are signed for the entire academic year. Even if you meet commuter requirements, you will still be responsible for paying room and board for the spring semester if you signed a housing contract.

Roommate leaving or is there a vacancy in your room?
You may be assigned a new roommate! Make sure your room is set up so another person can move in this January. The Campus Life office will make every effort to contact you in advance if you will be receiving a new roommate.

Interested in being a Resident Assistant next year?
The Campus Life office is looking for students interested in being a Resident Assistant (RA) next academic year! If you are interested, RA Interest Sessions and applications will be available in January & February!


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