Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Fields '06 Makes Creating Jobs Her Job

Sometimes, all you need in life is an opportunity. Whether it is a first date, a first job, or even just one game, opportunities rarely present themselves more than once. Often times, we lose that one chance with the blink of an eye. It would be easy for one to give up when opportunity passes by. However, there are those out there who don’t sulk, but rather, instantly begin looking for a way to make a second chance a reality.


Michelle Fields 06’ has never been one to wait around for things to happen for her. Her drive to succeed in both her personal and professional lives has led her to achieve great things in an extremely short time as an Urbana University alumna. In fact, Michelle was so successful in finding a career that her job now revolves around creating careers for others in the state of Ohio.                       


Michelle is currently serving as Assistant Director for the Area 7 Workforce Investment Board in Springfield, Ohio. Area 7 is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Ohio One-Stop programs that are located around that state. These facilities serve as outlets for people looking for work to improve their candidacy and apply for positions. Michelle believes in the value and vision of this program.


“It really is the future of workforce development."


Value is a concept that holds true when Michelle looks back on her college experience as well.


“Urbana University really gave me an opportunity. I didn’t realize it at first, but now I can recognize the value of my Urbana degree."


Opportunity is a theme that often rises to the forefront of many Blue Knights’ stories, and Michelle’s story is no different. Michelle began her college career at the University of Findlay. There Michelle was involved in soccer until a major knee injury caused her to lose her scholarship. It was at that time that Urbana University presented Michelle with the opportunity to not only further her academic endeavors, but also to maintain her passion for competition on the pitch.


“I was a goalkeeper and I was given the chance to continue playing and take on a leadership role in a very young program. Those are things that have definitely stuck with me."


Michelle was also exposed to unique experiences in the classrooms at Urbana University. While a student earning her degree in political science, she had the opportunity to work hand- in- hand with faculty and develop critical thinking skills that she uses to this day.


“I always enjoyed my classes with Dr. Guy Shroyer. He allowed me to work with him on projects that extended as far as the national level."


These experiences helped develop a strong work ethic that has driven Michelle to strive to be the best in her field. While it took time for Michelle to find her place in the work force, spending some time as a flight attendant and contemplating law school, she has shone brightly since arriving at Area 7. In fact, Michelle earned the title of Certified Workforce Development Professional in January of 2012. This achievement was acknowledged by John Trott, Executive Director of Area 7.


“Michelle set this achievement as a personal goal for herself two years ago.  Her experience and work ethic are apparent to those of us who work with her; now she has a national certification that matches that reputation," said Trott.


Michelle enjoys spending time with her family and watching the Cincinnati Bengals when not at Area 7. Even with her busy life and great success in her field, she still thinks fondly of her days on campus. Michelle hopes to come back to campus soon to share her college experience with potential new Blue Knights.


“I’ll always miss Urbana."


Michelle Fields demonstrates the kind of work ethic and strong skill that set Urbana University alumni apart from others. No matter how far up the ladder of success she climbs, she will always have roots that are deeply embedded at 579 College Way.


Michelle is pictured on graduation day with her grandparents.




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