Urbana University Conducts 119th Commencement

On May 5, Urbana students transitioned to proud alumni of the University after President Stephen Jones and faculty conferred degrees upon 147 graduate and undergraduate students.


Dave Ross ’76, owner of Ross Media and member of the University Board of Trustees, gave the keynote address at the commencement ceremony.


“When I graduated in 1976, the magic number was 100,” stated Ross.  “That’s about how many diplomas were awarded, and also the number of students who lived on campus.  When comparing the number of graduates, consider that we had only one annual commencement ceremony rather than the two of today.  While some things have changed, others have remained constant.”


He cited two alumni who have been loyal to the University, Bob Harrison‘78 and Ben Mitchell ‘79, and recognized that Blue Knights take many different life paths.  Ross told graduates to stay connected, “Always remember the friends from these special days and years; please also remember the place that brought you together, Urbana University.”


Three time alumnus, Kent Miller ’80, ’82, and MBA ’11, concluded the ceremony and provided congratulatory remarks on behalf of the Alumni Advisory Board.  Fellow graduates of Urbana University, we are the torchbearers of this institution’s ‘Knitro’ spirit.  As we have received from this University, so it is our responsibility to give back to the generations of students yet to come.  Our support will be the key to their success, one student at a time.”


One of the proud graduating seniors, Tricia Alsip, who graduated with a dual degree in business management and human services, will continue working at RK Hydro-Vac.  An adult student with children in college from Sidney, OH, Alsip started her college journey in 1991.


“Life happened and I decided that a college degree would open doors for me. The ease of scheduling classes was surprising.”  She enrolled in Urbana after being out of the classroom for several years.


“I’m really going to miss the focus,” she said after graduation.  “I’ll miss the one-on-one personal attention and the conversations that happened in the classroom.”  Her classroom experience was enjoyable, but Tricia is thrilled that her degree has already landed her a promotion within her current place of employment.




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