Alumni Spotlight: General Motaib Soultan bn Qwied Dosary ‘84

May 11, 2012

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It occupies an area about the size of  the United States east of the Mississippi River. The Ministry of Interior is a very strategic department in the Kingdom, which is the responsible authority for national security of Saudi Arabia, Including Police divisions, Rescue and Civil Defense.  It is protects Saudi Arabia’s population, which includes 27 million, including 8.4 million foreign residents. 

The key oil-producing nation is largely known for regional turmoil amid the populist Arab Spring movement and simmering international issues involving Iran and other neighbors.The Eastern Province of this large, resource-rich, desert kingdom is the largest province in Saudi Arabia, covering the entire Gulf coast of the country as well as the Saudi parts of the vast Empty Quarter.  It holds, the political capital of Riyadh, the US Embassy, and is the home of international alumnus General Motaib Soultan bn Qwied Dosary ‘84.

Since graduation, Motaib uses his bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in law enforcement on an international scale.  When Motaib recently returned to Urbana, it was not as a student, but as a General. 

His present title is the Director of Administrative Control for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior within the General Security division of the Eastern Police.  His work keeps him physically active and engaged politically, as the Eastern Province recently received media attention for its Shi’ite population, mass protests, and sporadic demonstrations. 

With an emphasis on diplomacy, he highly values his Urbana experience and encourages his children to seek higher education in other nations. 

Motaib is a family man who has one daughter and three sons, one of which is a recent graduate of Indiana State University.

“When I came from Saudi Arabia to see my son graduate from college, I knew I had to visit my favorite University and my favorite Springfield.  Both my son and my daughter lived with us in Springfield when I was a student at Urbana.  My son Abdulla was born in Springfield, OH and I wanted him to see it,” Dosary shared during his May visit to campus.

He fondly stated Dr. Joanne Hendricks was an exceptional academic advisor and that he was an executive member of Urbana’s International Friends Club.  His sons beamed with pride when Dosary pointed out a team soccer photo in a year book.  Dosary was the team captain for the Blue Knight Soccer program under Coach Dennis Spriggs ’74.  It was a time when nine out of the 14 team members were international students from the Middle East or Africa.

Representing the Urbana University is a great honor and one that this international alumnus says he would not trade. What’s next on his agenda?  Helping his son explore American MBA graduate programs. At Urbana?  Perhaps. 

Motaib Dosary ’84 is pictured (center) on the Urbana University campus with two of his sons. 

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