Alumni Spotlight: Amy Evans '07


Doing the right thing is what most of us try to do on a daily basis. We typically abide by the speed limits and various other laws and regulations because it is in our nature to be law abiding citizens. Urbana University alumna Amy Evans ’07 is staying on the right side of the law, but she is doing it professionally as the Clerk of Courts for the Champaign County Municipal Courts.
Amy took the fast track to success. Valuing Amy as a candidate and recognizing her quality political science education from Urbana University, the Champaign County Courts offered Amy a job before graduation; she began work as a Deputy Clerk only two days after she graduated from Urbana University. Since then, Amy has continued to excel in her work and was promoted to her new position as Clerk of Courts. In this position Amy is responsible for overseeing the basic day to day function of the courts including budget and finance issues.
“My new position is definitely my greatest accomplishment. I am very proud of the success that I have had in my field”.
Amy recognizes that Urbana University is a place that helped prepare her to reach the level of success she has already quickly attained. In less than five years after graduation, Amy’s rise to success shows how Urbana University graduates are prepared to be exceptional. She cites the campus culture as being a key component to preparing her for the real world.
“With the class sizes being so small, you receive a lot of one on one attention, and the professors know if you’re not giving it your all. This teaches you a great deal of accountability and responsibility, both of which you need in the real world”.
But it wasn’t just the professor’s ability to monitor students that prepared Amy to achieve; it was also their skill and content.
“My education really laid out the groundwork for what I do. It taught me the basics of state and local government and built a solid foundation to grow with. I always enjoyed Dr. Cooley’s classes”.
When she is not busy in the courtroom, Amy loves to travel. She has been to Iowa, New Orleans, Mississippi, Niagara Falls, and North Carolina. However, her favorite destination is right here in Ohio, situated in Lake Erie on the Island of Put in Bay. And while Amy loves to take off on new adventures, she still finds herself missing her college experience and the atmosphere on Urbana University’s campus.
“I miss the atmosphere. It is always so pleasant and everyone always is friendly. It is so much different from the working world”.
To have the rapid acceleration to success, like Amy, is unusual; she acknowledges this when giving advice to current students.
“Be persistent. Not everyone is going to get a job before graduation as I was fortunate enough to get. You have to keep trying and keep yourself engaged”.
Engagement is a theme that also holds true when Amy speaks of other Urbana alumni.
“Don’t be afraid to get involved. The need is there and it would be great to see more people engaged in a mentor or internship role with current students. These kinds of experiences can be rewarding for both parties involved”.
Amy Evans is a prime example of what Urbana University graduates achieve. She demonstrates how an exceptional work ethic, preparation from caring faculty, and a little bit of timing, can make you a successful candidate for a job in the field you love. If you happen to see Amy in the near future, be sure to say “hello”. Amy will understand if Blue Knights want to avoid her at work.
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Alumni spotlight written by Tom Alexander. 


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