Cheryl Ogden '12 Named Interim Alumni Relations Director

URBANA, Ohio (September 17, 2013) - Jim Thornton, vice president for Institutional Advancement and Communications, is pleased to announce the appointment of Cheryl Ogden as the interim alumni relations director at Urbana University.

Cheryl will continue her responsibilities as the director for the Johnny Appleseed Educational Center and Museum while assuming this new role. Being a part of the University community while multi-tasking is not new to her.

“Urbana University means so much to me and my family. My father graduated from UU in 1977. I started here right out of high school, but got married, had kids, so had to postpone my education. Twenty years after I took my first class at Urbana, I came back as a non-traditional student to finish what I had started and received my degree in education and history in 2012.”

“And the family tradition continues,” says Cheryl. “Both of my daughters are enrolled here; my oldest is a sophomore majoring in business and my youngest is doing the post-secondary education option (PSEO) as a junior from Graham High School.”

Her first major event is planning the 2013 Homecoming alumni activities. This includes the Homecoming Brunch and Three Arches Awards Ceremony and the Alumni Hospitality tent. As her immediate goals, she is “looking forward to connecting with other alumni to promote the University and build relationships with current students.”

“Cheryl has done such an outstanding job as director of the Educational Center and Museum in such a short time, said Thornton. “With her exceptional organizational skills, she will continue to strengthen the connection between the alumni and the University.”


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