Emily Schneider '11: Wellness and Campus Champion

“Don’t wish away your time, it’ll be gone before you know it. More importantly, don’t be afraid to take a risk and try something new,” advised Emily Schneider ‘11.

As a student at UU, Emily had taken an active role on campus as a student ambassador and U-Team leader. This was just the beginning of her interactions with parents and students as they begin their higher education experience.

Even though she helped shape incoming students expectations, sometimes even she was surprised by the dynamics of a new class. As and exercise science major, Emily recalled one class that taught her far more than just the educational material, the class was psychology of coaching with Professor Dale Gresson. “It was a class full of guys and then me, so, I had no choice but to learn how to hold my own.”  

Another class where she distinctly remembers not only learning how to voice her opinions but also how to shape and support them was her personal philosophy class with Dr. Wotjek Chojna. “That philosophy class really made me think, it taught me how to think. The best part was the students though; we were a big group of really different students with different ideas. I loved that class!”

Her time spent at Urbana helped her prepare in more ways than just the academic realm, “I learned how to talk to strangers and sell my perspective.” During Emily’s undergrad, she was given real world experience during her internships. “I interned at Lawnview, Curves, and Kettering Sports Medicine and it really helped me build relationships. The internship process really taught me how to interact and network with professionals.”

Learning how to form her own opinions while listening to new and different opinions in the classroom and outside has helped shape her professional approach. Emily, after receiving her BA in exercise science from Urbana University, went on to receive her M.Ed. in Student Personnel Administration from the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG). Together, she combined her skills from both degrees in her current position as Assistant Director of Housing and Coordinator of Wellness at Catawba College.

Aside from working with students and parents, “I get to use my exercise science degree all the time because of my focus is on the health of the students and I run the wellness center and intramurals on campus,” said Emily.

The Catawba campus, although nestled in the city of Salisbury which is three times the size of Urbana, reminds Emily of Urbana University. “You find yourself seeing and talking to people that you normally wouldn’t, you feel like you know them.” In fact, she admits the only thing missing from her job is the snow. Although the winter weather in Urbana is a little unpredictable, I’m sure we could spare some snow to go along with our warm wishes for Emily.


This spotlight was written by Sarah St.Clair ’12. Sarah is working on her Post Baccalaureate Teaching License in AYA English/Language Arts. She has her Bachelors in English and Communications. She enjoys swimming, running, and spending time with her family.


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