Urbana University to Host Conference

The 189th session of the General Convention of the New Jerusalem (The Swedenborgian Church) will run from Wednesday, June 26 through Sunday, June 30, 2013 at Urbana University.  The theme of the convention is "The Year of The Spiritual World--Heaven Is Now: Living Spirit In Service."

Urbana University Board of Trustee member and Swedenborgian Church leader, Betsy Coffman ’69, ’71, explained the group’s excitement to host the event in Urbana.

Coffman shared, “There will be a coffee break sponsored by the Alumni Association, during which pictures of attendees who are graduates will be taken.  Several opportunities are being made available for attendees to visit the Johnny Appleseed Museum and a couple of historical collections of past Urbana University Swedenborgians of note, at the library.”

Coffman pointed to the University’s relatively strong ties to the Swedenborg faith, and explained that she hoped that the event would expose a greater number of Swedenborgians to the Urbana campus.  She explained that the event included mini-sessions for participants on religion, faith exploration, and examining ideas of God.

University Librarian Julie McDaniel and Board of Trustee member Ken Turley are presenting a session titled The Urbana Movement: Education of the Whole Person.  The session will incorporate how former Urbana University president Frank Sewall’s daughter, Alice Archer Sewall James, pursued the belief that education involved the entire person and the entire spectrum of human endeavor.

More information on the details of this event can be found at www.swedenborg.org.


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