Yes to Wedding Bells on the Spirit Rock

When walking through the campus of Urbana University, you may notice a few things.  You will see that most of our buildings are designed with three arches. You cannot help but notice our very spirited students. But the sight that you might wonder about is our Spirit Rock located in the quad near the Grimes Center.  

It is a tradition for students and organizations on campus to express a message by painting the rock.  Usually a student will write his or her name or show support for a Blue Knights sports team; but one man had a different plan in mind for that special rock.

During late summer and early fall, the rock had been painted blue for the 2012 welcoming of the new school year and all of the upperclassmen had written their names and just how “awesome” they were. But this artwork did not stay as is for long because Brad Lemon had a few revisions to make that would change not only his life forever but the life of the woman who had his heart, Lyndsay Ervin ‘07.  

The love story begins in the fall of 2003, when Brad was a junior. He met an incoming new student by the name of Lyndsay Ervin during move-in weekend.  They became fast friends and began hanging out frequently.  In fact, by Labor Day weekend of her freshman year, Brad, Lyndsay, and a group their friends were written up for being too loud.  Lyndsay remembers that the next day they met with administrators, who reminded them of campus policies and quiet hours.  The administrator also gave the female students a memorable piece of advice: “Stay away from those upperclassmen guys; they’ll just get you into trouble.”

After spring semester, Brad transferred to Wittenberg University, but he and Lyndsay remained friends.  In 2006, he graduated from Wittenberg and the following year Lyndsay graduated from UU.

The two lovebirds began dating in the fall of 2010.  Memorial Day weekend of 2011 they decided to take the next step and moved in together. Getting an apartment in Urbana allowed them a chance to walk through campus and reminisce about their time together here.  On September 7, 2012, Brad told Lyndsay that his parents wanted to take them out to dinner, but he asked her if she would go for a walk with him beforehand.  During the walk, Brad took Lyndsay back to Urbana University campus because he had a “little” surprise for her.
Earlier that afternoon, Brad came to the University and painted the rock with a message for her on the side that was facing the Grimes Athletic Center.  The couple had come onto the campus through the College Way entrance and proceeded to walk towards the rock.  He walked her down the path that led right to the rock, lagged a step behind her, and when she got to the side of the rock that he had painted, he dropped to his knee.  The writing on the rock said “Lyndsay will you marry me?”  Of course, she said YES! After the proposal, Brad took her to dinner at Café Paradiso in the downtown circle, where Lyndsay was surprised to see not only his parents, but her mother, her grandparents, and his grandparents, as well.   

Little did she know that the advice from the administrator would cause her to fall head-over-heels for one of “those upperclassmen guys who would just get her in trouble.” Now she is engaged to marry one.  
The campus of Urbana University was chosen for the proposal because it was the place where the couple had met and made a lot of memories while they were here together.  Lyndsay says that she was very surprised!  They had talked about getting married, but she had no idea when he would propose.  She certainly had no idea that Brad would include the campus where they have taken so many casual walks.  

What sticks with Lyndsay the most is that he included both of their families in the planning, making it very special for the both of them.  While that was what is memorable for Lyndsay, Brad fondly recalls that a few UU students happened to walk by at just that right moment and cheered for the newly engaged couple.  Lyndsay and Brad plan to tie the knot and become husband and wife on the day that marks 10 years of them meeting at Urbana, August 17, 2013.

This story was written by first year student Courtney Elliot.  Courtney is from Alliance, Ohio and serves as the work study student for the Office of Alumni Relations.  Courtney is studying for a career in occupational therapy.  She cheers on the competition squad and is a competitive bowler on the University’s team. 


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