Boerger ’13 Alumnae Continue Success Thanks to UU Mentors

URBANA, Ohio (October 3, 2013) - “We’ve really come through sports and school together the whole way. It’s been so nice to have her there with me on and off the court and field. Now, to have this opportunity to have her with me at work is a blessing,” explained Nora Boerger ‘13 of her twin sister Emily ’13. To say that these sisters have been by each other’s sides their entire life would be an understatement. They have also been side by side pushing towards a common goal.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science this past spring, Nora and Emily will begin their professional careers together at The Ohio State University working with the women’s lacrosse team.  Nora assumes the position of coordinator of performance analysis and Emily as the volunteer assistant coach.

Both girls trace their current success back to the same great mentors and advisors at Urbana University. They first got a taste of coaching when they shadowed Alexis Venechanos, The Ohio State University women’s lacrosse coach and Canadian national team coach, in the fall of the senior year. It was through the connection of their professor and mentor, Don Moxley, that they were able to experience life as a NCAA Div. I coach. “He [Mr. Moxley] knew that we wanted to be coaches, so he introduced us to the right people throughout Ohio. With his personal connection to Alexis, he was able to guide us as we made the arrangements to shadow her at OSU. Mr. Moxley had all of the contacts, but he left the rest up to us to work out the details,” added Emily.

Both girls are certain about two things: the first is that Don Moxley was invaluable in sending them in the right direction towards their goal of becoming lacrosse coaches, and secondly, that once they had a taste of the “scarlet and grey”, they were hooked. “Without Don Moxley, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” explained Nora.

Choosing to shadow a lacrosse coach was a no brainer; both Nora and Emily were honored as All-American lacrosse players during their time at Urbana. “We were recruited by former UU women’s basketball coach, Rob Phillips, who recognized us for our basketball skills. It was an easy choice to come to UU because we received scholarships and were close to home,” explained Emily.

Although they began their athletic careers on the Blue Knights women’s basketball team, during their sophomore year they became teammates on the inaugural NCAA Division II women’s lacrosse team at UU. “Emily called and told me they were starting a lacrosse team and asked if I wanted to join her. Of course I did. We always wanted to play lacrosse but never had an opportunity since it wasn’t offered at our high school.”
Soon, both girls decided to focus solely on lacrosse. “By our senior year, we had fallen in love with the game so much, that we decided we both wanted to coach the sport,” said Emily.

“I have been an athlete forever,” continued Nora, “but I came to the realization that I wasn’t going to go pro in any sport, so I needed to find a way to stay in that athletic realm. The next step after being a player is to step onto the other side of the game and coach.”

Both Nora and Emily pointed out other key mentors who helped them achieve their goals: their UU professor, Dale Gresson; their high school coach, Lori Phelps; and, their parents. “Dale Gresson and Don Moxley helped our professional dreams come true and made sure we were prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills,” explained Nora. Lori Phelps, their high school basketball coach, taught them to be leaders on and off the court. Lastly, their mother taught them how to be strong and exhibited a ‘can do’ attitude.

If there is one message that both girls have for current and future Blue Knights, it is to never give up. “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t. It’s not about how others perceive you, it’s about how you perceive yourself,” explained Nora. Emily followed up with, “no matter the cards you are dealt, you can be successful. You just don’t take no for an answer.”

The hunger and desire for success in both Emily and Nora will carry them to greatness. We will follow these two as they help lead the scarlet and grey to victory this season, but we’ll always know them as our Blue Knights.


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