Sean Hiler ’02 Dreams Big

URBANA, Ohio (October 2, 2013) - “If you reach your dream, then dream a new dream, because your first one wasn’t big enough,” suggests alumnus Sean Hiler ’02. Dreaming new and bigger dreams is not only a piece of advice from Sean, it is a lifestyle. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Sean used the money from the G.I. Bill to help pay for his education, majoring in not one but three different fields: psychology, sociology, and criminal justice.

To say that Sean did well in his undergraduate programs would be an overwhelming understatement. Graduating summa cum laude, Sean was a member of the Alpha Chi honor society, as well as the recipient of the Three Arches Outstanding Senior, Outstanding Psychology Student, and the Humanities Award winner. Once he had reached his dream of getting his bachelor degree, Sean moved on to earn his MBA in organizational psychology and development from American Intercontinental University.

Sean’s professional career has been equally impressive, having served as a child protective services investigator and being certified as an Advanced Forensic Investigator in the State of Texas, he also managed to successfully run his own business. He is currently employed as a senior business consultant with Corporate Business Solutions. “My current consulting engagement involves forming a technical institute. I never imagined myself being involved in founding a center of higher education, but that’s what we’re doing in Mississippi.”

Even with a busy schedule, Sean managed to co-author a novel titled Oracle with Lisa Forest. “Approximately half of the novel’s storyline takes place at Urbana University,” he explained. The novel, to be published under Forest’s name, has already won the Editor’s Choice Award and the Rising Star Award.

So, what inspires someone like Sean Hiler to continually dream newer and bigger dreams? “I have been inspired by my children first and foremost, they are amazing kids,” said Sean as he was describing his four children, Joshua, Anthony, Sarah, and Max. “Dr. Rita George would let me bring Sarah to class when she was an infant under the condition that she be allowed to hold and carry her during her lectures in English 102.” The connections that Sean made at UU reached beyond the classroom, citing that professors like Dr. David George, Dr. Karen Basinger, and Dr. Alice Grimes have served him as mentors.

“I keep in touch with Dr. George and Dr. Basinger to this day. Dr. David George and his wife, Dr. Rita George, are two very ardent supporters of mine and pushed me to write a novel. The George’s also supported me and my family as we dealt with my youngest son’s, Max, brain cancer. I cannot thank them enough.”

More than just the connections he made, Sean thanks the University for developing his critical thinking skills. “In reality, the totality of my experiences at UU helped me discover who I am and gave me the confidence to write.” With such achievement in each of his goals, we cannot wait to see what alumnus Sean Hiler dreams of achieving next.


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