Hypnotist ChrisJones

Urbana University Student Center

02/09/2015 08:00 PM - 09:15 PM

Chicago-native, Chris Jones took a roundabout way to becoming one of today’s most entertaining performers on the college market. A nationally ranked athlete in college, he studied Sociology and Psychology claiming himself to be a "social engineer with deviant motives." He was a Resident Assistant for three years and used magic as a means of connecting with students living in the hall.

After years of performing only magic and stand-up comedy at weddings, bars and smoky nightclubs, Chris Jones realized he wanted “to learn some new tricks.” While in graduate school, he became fascinated with the art of hypnosis and found the missing piece of his show. Performing three shows a week while obtaining a Masters studying Therapeutic Recreation, he tirelessly analyzed every second of his show to find the perfect balance of conjuring, psychology, comedy and suggestion.

Physically living on university campuses for SEVEN YEARS, gave chrisjones the unique opportunity to roll out of bed (in the “dorms”) everyday and practice hypnosis and close up magic for real and unbiased audiences. After years of perfecting his art, semester after semester of new fans and friends, Chris Jones is offering you a hypnotic experience you will never forget!


This event is hosted by the UU Campus Activities Board and is open to current UU students only.