The Brain Eater's Bible

Urbana University Student Center

10/11/2012 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM

Join  Pat Kilbane from Mad TV and other hit TV shows and movies as he takes a humorous and scientific look at the zombie menace threatening human existence. Based on Pat's book, this "factual" multimedia briefing takes you deep inside the zombie ethos with technical diagrams, photos, and video of zombies in action. You may also elect to have Pat give this talk in full zombie regalia as "J.D. McGhoul", a zombie lifestyle guru and purveyor of tactics and tips for his fellow undead.

Best known for his three-year run on Fox's Mad TV, Pat Kilbane began his acting career playing the role of the "Anti-Kramer" in the Emmy nominated Seinfeld episode "Bizarro Jerry". More recently, he appeared on My Name Is Earl and Frank TV, and in the movies Meet Dave, Day of the Dead, and Semi-Pro.

This event is open to current UU students only.