Counseling Services

Counseling is available to all students for both personal and academic needs. College inevitably brings growth, change, decisions and concerns. The Counselor is available to help with difficulties including homesickness, anxiety, depression, relationships, family problems, sexual matters, alcohol and drug use, grief and other personal issues. In addition the Counselor can also help with problems of an academic nature.

Students can talk with the Counselor one time or several times, on a regular or as-needed basis, until the problem is resolved and the student feels comfortable again. The Counselor can also assist with outside referrals when appropriate. The Counselor is an Ohio Licensed Professional Counselor.

Appointments can be made by calling the Student Affairs office; walk-ins are always welcome if the Counselor is available. Normal hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Students with a crisis after hours should contact their Resident Assistant or the Campus Safety office at 484-1111; the Safety Officer will contact the Counselor if necessary. Students who wish anonymous or outside assistance can call 1-800-224-0422 or 1-800-465-8065.

Printed materials on many mental health and wellness topics are available in the Counseling office. In addition, the Counselor offers workshops on related wellness topics throughout the year. Be sure to watch for those and attend!
Don’t struggle alone or suffer in silence—let us know what’s bothering you so we can share your difficulty and try to help. Things can and do get better.

From Our Faculty

"Urbana University gives a professor freedom in ways that larger schools do not.  Here, I can create courses and work one-on-one with students because the classes are small."

David George, Ph.D
Urbana Faculty