Local Counseling Resources

Urbana University students may call the Counselor at 937-772-9230 or email susie.sassenberg@urbana.edu.

Local off-campus resources include:

  • Consolidated Care, 937-653-5583
  • Delta Psychology, 937-652-1474
  • Wellspring, 937-653-5990
  • Transitions Counseling, 937-652-1881
  • Mercy Reach (drug and alcohol counseling), 937-653-3001

Crisis Hotline (Consolidated Care):  1-800-224-0422

For emergency services after hours:

  • Call Campus Safety, 937-484-1111
  • Call 911
  • Go to Mercy Memorial Hospital Emergency Room

It's time to take your life back!  Don't let fear or pride stand in your way.  Help is available and it is possible to feel better.

If you have questions about any resources, please email us at susie.sassenberg@urbana.edu. 


From Our Faculty

"Urbana University gives a professor freedom in ways that larger schools do not.  Here, I can create courses and work one-on-one with students because the classes are small."

David George, Ph.D
Urbana Faculty