Residence Halls

What should you bring?

Download a printable "What to Bring" sheet 

Things to Bring

  • pillows and cases
  • sheets for extra long twin bed
  • extra long mattress pad
  • fan
  • coffee pot
  • message board
  • towels
  • laundry supplies
  • small trash can
  • sewing kit
  • personal toiletry items
  • stereo & TV
  • alarm clock
  • small refrigerator (one per room)
  • small desk lamp
  • small microwave (one per room)
  • cleaning supplies (i.e. sponges, cleanser)
  • laundry bag
  • extension cord and 6-way outlet

Things to leave at Home 

  • hot plate
  • toaster ovens and Foreman Grills
  • fireworks
  • guns, knives, martial arts weapons
  • bows and arrows
  • pets (except fish)
  • controlled substances
  • waterbeds
  • ceiling fans
  • weightlifting equipment
  • candles and incense
  • halogen lamps
  • air conditioning units

What is already here

  • bed & mattress
  • window blinds
  • desk chair
  • drawer space
  • phone
  • closet space or wardrobe

From Our Alumni

"Urbana University gave me the opportunity to flourish as a student, as an athlete, and, more importantly, as a person. Urbana taught me that it is not our successes that make us who we are, but instead it is our failures that reveal our true character."

-Owen Donelon
Class of ‘10