Resident Assistants

Develop leadership skills, mentor students, and have fun!

Resident Assistants (RAs) have the opportunity to directly impact the growth and development of their peers by providing leadership and acting as role models for their floor.



C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. is the acronym for the Urbana University Residence Hall Programming Model. The letters in our acronym represent the desired topic areas for residence hall programs. Those areas are as follows:

  • C: Culture/Diversity;
  • H: Health;
  • A: Academic/Professional;
  • R: Recreation;
  • A: Art/Music;
  • C: Community Service;
  • T: Team Building;
  • E: Engagement;
  • R: Religious/Spiritual.

This programming tool is intended to promote intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural and physical development. Programs should “challenge and support” students to achieve optimal growth and to appreciate varying perspectives.

Meet Your Residence Life Staff

Traditional Style Residence Halls

Taylor Cayot - Hall Director; Sycamore, South, and Hazard Halls

Taylor is academically a senior, "but a junior on the field" majoring in psychology/criminal justice. He is a captain on the football team, a member of SAAC, in the Psychology Club, and a Presidential Scholar. He believes that students living on campus should take advantage of the diverse opportunities available to them, including the diverse student body and involvement opportunities.


Sycamore Hall

Brad Anderson, 1st Floor

Brad is a junior criminal justice major. On campus he participates in the theatre and bowling programs. He enjoys living on campus because it allows him to be closer to friends and get a good sense of independent living. 

Mike Bamber, 2nd Floor

Mike is currently in the second year of persuing his MBA and hails from the United Kingdom. Outside of the classroom, he can be seen on the soccer field or working for Dining Services at the Commons or White Family Grill. He enjoys living on campus because of the easy access to teachers and that everyone knows each other!

Johnathon Barbee, 2nd Floor

Johnathon is a sophomore Communication Arts major and is a member of the football team. He enjoys living on campus because he gets to meet new people and make friends. Living on campus gives students the chance to develop communication skills and become a strong student leader. He looks forward to being a role model to students in Sycamore Hall. 

Graham Fach, 2nd Floor

Graham is a senior sports management major from Canada. He serves as president of the Student Activities Committee and is a member of the Blue Knight Bowling team. He believes that on-campus living allows students to make their own choices and be who they want to be!

Coleston Pope, 1st Floor

Coleston is a sophomore political science major. He is a member of the UU swim team, is a Presidential Scholar, a member of the Honors College, and serves as the Student Government Association secretary. Living on campus has allowed him to be close to all of his friends.


Hazard Hall

Cale Burdyshaw, 1st Floor

Cale is a sophomore Intervention Specialist major. He is a quarterback on the football team and also serves as a U-Team Leader. Cale is excited to be an RA and is looking forward to getting his residents to bond together as a strong community!

Taylor Gianangeli- 2nd Floor

Taylor is a junior criminal justice major and is a member of the women's soccer team. She is also a member of Spectrum, Knights 4 Christ, and the BLUU Crew. She finds that living on campus allows students to better know members of the Urbana community and participate in on-campus activities. 

Nicolette Holthaus- 2nd Floor

Nicolette is majoring in communications and is in her sophomore year. She is a member of Knights 4 Christ, SAAC, and on The Lancer staff. She also participates on the Cross Country and Softball teams. She enjoys living on campus because she has the opportunity to be an active member in clubs and organizations... and gain the full college experience!


Community Living Residence Halls

Brock Finch- Hall Director; McConnell, Hickory, and Ross Halls

Brock is majoring in mathematics and is a senior. He is Student Body Vice President this year and is also involved in the Student Activities Committee and bowling team. He enjoys the fact that he lives on campus because of the faces he gets to see every day... "This campus is one of the most fun places on the planet!"

Brooke Turner, Assistant Hall Director

Brooke is a senior Early Childhood Education major. She also serves as a tutor in the Student Success Center. On campus living has allowed her to be surrended by great peers and getting to know everyone better.


McConnell Hall

Macie Jenkins- Blue Wing 1st Floor

Macie is a sophomore intervention specialist major. She participates in the Student Activities Committee and is a member of the Blue Knight softball team. "Living on campus helps you become more involved. It helps you know more people other than in class!"

Kim Helander- Blue Wing 2nd Floor

Kim is a senior double majoring in Marketing and Management from Sweden. He is involved in the Student Activities Committee and is a member of the swim team. He enjoyes living on campus because it allows him the opportunity to develop vital social skills.

Alvin Busbee- Green Wing 1st Floor

"Buzz" is a marketing major in his senior year at UU. He is a member of the Blue Knight football team. Being an RA gives him the opportunity to interact with new people, be a role model, and assist in provding a night social environment for students.

Amber Webb- Green Wing 2nd Floor

Amber is a fifth year senior majoring in Pre-Vet/Pre-Medicine with an emphasis in Biology. She serves as treasurer for the Student Government Association and Spectrum Gay/Straight Alliance. She is also a member of the theatre honor society, Alpha Psi Omega. She loves living on campus because "I can participate in the great activities... and have a better connection to students and staff."

 Taylor Tussing- Orange Wing, 1st Floor

Taylor, a senior marketing major, in involved as a U-Team Orientation Leader, Student Ambassador, and on the bowling team. He likes living on campus because he enjoys meeting new people and being around all of his friends.

Jessica Combs- Orange Wing 2nd Floor

Jessica is a political science major with an emphasis in pre-law. She is involved as a Student Ambassador and in the theatre program. She enjoys on campus living because campus is small and intimate. She loves knowing the she can make a difference!


Ross Hall

Brooke Turner, Assistant Hall Director; RA, Ross Hall


Hickory Hall

Josh Brown

Josh is majoring in AYA Education/Mathematics and is in his senior year. He is a member of the Cross Country and Basketball teams. He also participates in Knights 4 Christ, Student Athlete Advisory Council, and is a Student Ambassador. Josh is also the Student Body President for the 2014-2015 academic year. He enjoys living on campus because of the easy access to facilities and the student comradery on campus. 


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From Our Alumni

"I am happy and proud to say that choosing Urbana is one of my best decisions I've ever made.  While working my way through the ACE program, I received rigorous instruction and at the same time, the program met the needs of the adult learner."

-John Parker
Class of ‘08