Resident Assistants

Develop leadership skills, mentor students, and have fun!

Resident Assistants (RAs) have the opportunity to directly impact the growth and development of their peers by providing leadership and acting as role models for their floor.



C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. is the acronym for the Urbana University Residence Hall Programming Model. The letters in our acronym represent the desired topic areas for residence hall programs. Those areas are as follows:

  • C: Culture/Diversity;
  • H: Health;
  • A: Academic/Professional;
  • R: Recreation;
  • A: Art/Music;
  • C: Community Service;
  • T: Team Building;
  • E: Engagement;
  • R: Religious/Spiritual.

This programming tool is intended to promote intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural and physical development. Programs should “challenge and support” students to achieve optimal growth and to appreciate varying perspectives.

Meet Your Residence Life Staff

Traditional Style Residence Halls

Taylor Cayot - Hall Director; Sycamore, South, and Hazard Halls

Taylor is academically a senior, "but a junior on the field" majoring in psychology/criminal justice. He is a captain on the football team, a member of SAAC, in the Psychology Club, and a Presidential Scholar. He believes that students living on campus should take advantage of the diverse opportunities available to them, including the diverse student body and involvement opportunities.


Sycamore Hall

Matthew Clinton




Logan Smith




Robert Young




Cody Schultz




Nathan Jones




Hazard Hall

Allie West





Jessica Combs





Darian Bergman





Community Living Residence Halls

Coleston Pope- Hall Director; McConnell, Hickory, and Ross Halls





McConnell Hall

Nikki Holthaus- Blue Wing 1st Floor





Lewis Dunne- Blue Wing 2nd Floor





Carl Henriksson- Green Wing 1st Floor





Hillary Bancroft- Green Wing 2nd Floor





 Johnathon Barbee- Orange Wing, 1st Floor





Taylor Gianangeli- Orange Wing 2nd Floor






RA Resources

From Our Alumni

"I am happy and proud to say that choosing Urbana is one of my best decisions I've ever made.  While working my way through the ACE program, I received rigorous instruction and at the same time, the program met the needs of the adult learner."

-John Parker
Class of ‘08