Residence Life Q+A

Do I have to live on campus?

Urbana University requires all main campus students under 21 years of age, who do not have senior status, who are not married, who do not live with their parents or guardians who do not live within the established distance guidelines for commuters, and who do not have a valid, documented and approved medical reason to the contrary are required to live on campus in a University residence hall and take a meal plan. Failure to provide accurate information on the Residence Hall Agreement, Housing Questionnaire or Residence Hall Application may result in disciplinary action. Students who provide false information about their residency status and/or students who would be required to live on campus but do not contract for housing will be charged for room and board. 

Am I required to have a meal plan?

All campus residents are required to participate in the board plan. Freshmen (first year students) are required to have the 19 meal plan (19 meals per week) while transfer and upper-class students have the option of a 15 meal plan (15 meals per week). Each meal plan comes with $100 “flex dollars” per semester. These “flex dollars” can be used to purchase additional food items at the White Family Grill in the Student Center. Students have the option of adding an additional $25 “flex dollars” per semester (this increases the cost of the board plan by $50 for the academic year). More information about food service, which is provided to the university by Sodexo Campus Services, is available from The Commons Dining Hall which is located between East, South and Hazard Halls.

How are roommates assigned?

The Office of Campus Life is responsible for all room assignments. A questionnaire is mailed with the housing contract and includes categories that allow the director to match students. Also, students may request roommates. Both individuals are required to indicate their housing preference on the housing questionnaire.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

Housing assignments will be mailed out for the fall semester beginning in July through the middle of August. Spring semester assignments are done during the first week of January.

How do I get mail on campus?

Mailboxes for residential students are located in the Student Center. The front desk in the Student Center assigns mailboxes to students when they arrive on campus. The Mailroom is located in the Student Center. Students must stop by the front desk in the Student Center to receive their mailbox number and key. Packages that do not fit in the mailbox will be available for pick up from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the front desk in the Student Center. Mail is not delivered to the university on Saturday.

Your mailing address will be:

Urbana University Box # XXX 
579 College Way 
Urbana, Ohio 43078

Is telephone access provided? How do I make long distance calls?

There is a Voice-Over IP phone jack in each room providing telephone access. To request a telephone, students need to contact Information Technology ( You cannot simply buy your own phone and plug it in. Long distance calls cannot be made on your room telephone, therefore, you should purchase long distance phone cards.

Is internet access provided? 

All Urbana University residence halls have wireless internet access. Students can request hard-wired internet access if they have a computer without wireless access. Requests for hard-wired internet will only be granted for academic purposes. Urbana University does not provide internet network access for gaming systems.

What is the visitation policy?

Co-ed visitation between Urbana University students is permitted in the residence halls during the academic year. The co-ed visitation hours are as follows: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00am-1:00am; Friday & Saturday, 10:00am-3:00am. Visitation by non-students is permitted during regular visitation hours. However, any non-student visiting the residence halls and suites must be registered with Campus Safety.

Any non-student visiting the residence halls must be registered with Campus Safety. Students are allowed to have overnight visitors of the same sex. Commuter students who are overnight guests (i.e. stay past the end of visitation hours) must register with Campus Safety. Overnight guests are not permitted for more than three consecutive days a month without permission from the Office of Campus Life. Students may only register one guest at a time. Parents and other family members are exempt from the one guest limit, but must be registered with Campus Safety.

Can I cook in my room?

Students are permitted to have one microwave (not to exceed 12 amps) and one refrigerator (not to exceed 3.75 cubic feet) per room. No open element heating appliances, George Foreman grills, broilers, toaster ovens, electric skillets or hot plates are permitted.

A kitchen is located in McConnell Hall for all residential students.

Should I insure my personal property?

Urbana University does not assume any responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, articles of personal property which occur in its buildings or on its grounds. Students are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance (either their own or through their parent’s or guardian’s homeowners insurance) to cover potential losses. Information about optional coverage plans available from a third party provider is included in new student housing packets.

Do residence halls have air conditioning?

Hazard Hall, Sycamore Hall, McConnell Hall and the suites have air conditioning. Each student is able to control the temperature in his/her room in these areas. While fans are permitted, we do not allow window unit air conditioners.

Do residence hall rooms have cable?

Basic Cable is available in each room of the residence hall. Students with a cable ready TV will be able to access the regular service channels offered. Students in McConnell Hall will need to see a member of the Residence Life staff to obtain a network-to-cable converter box (which is the property of the University).

Can I do my laundry on campus?

Coin operated laundry facilities are provided in each residence hall and in the basement of Ross/Hickory for the suites. Change machines are located in the Hazard Hall, Sycamore Hall, and McConnell Hall vending areas.

Can I withdraw from my housing contract during the academic year?

After occupancy, students are bound to the agreement for the full academic year. If it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw from the University during the term of this agreement, the room and board charges will be in accordance with the Refund Policy as stated in the University Catalog. Students moving from the residence hall prior to the end of the contract will be charged the full fee for room and board charges. Current students who participate in room draw and then withdraw from housing for any reason other than withdrawing from the university or academic suspension will forfeit their $125 room reservation fee. Submitting an application for a contract release does not imply automatic termination of contract.

What if a maintenance problem occurs?

For non-emergency services, students are asked to request a work order to be placed with the RA or by contacting the Office of Campus Life. The maintenance team will handle the request on a priority basis as they come in. For emergency needs, the resident should contact Campus Safety immediately.

Students can also complete the online Maintenance Request or e-mail with their needs. 

What is a Community/Residence Hall Damage charge?

This is damage or vandalism that occurs in an area that is freely accessible by the residents on that floor, building or the entire complex. This could be in the hall, lounge, stairwell, laundry room, restroom or outside. There is a difference between a harmless prank and a destructive prank. It is expected that as part of a community, all residents will take pride in their surroundings. And by taking pride, students will not tolerate others defacing or vandalizing what is essentially their home for 9 months. If damage does occur and it cannot be determined who is responsible, the community (as determined by Facilities and Campus Life) will be held equally responsible.

Can I move university-owned items out of my room?

No, student rooms and the furnishings provided therein are to be used in the manner for which they were designed. No university property, including room and lounge area furnishings, may be moved within the building or taken from the residence hall without the written permission of the Office of Campus Life and the Director of Campus Facilities. Students are responsible for returning their room and its furnishings to its original configuration upon leaving at the conclusion of their residency period.

Are there any storage facilities on campus?

There are no storage facilities available in the residence halls during the academic year. Items unclaimed after a student completes their check-out process will be discarded.  Bicycles must be stored outside; not in student rooms, hallways, stairways, or lounges. 

Summer storage is also not available on campus. Check out the Student Shopping Program to find area storage companies that provide UU students with a discount!

If I have a physical disability that requires special housing, what should I do?

Urbana University is committed to providing accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure they are not denied the benefits of, or excluded from, participation in any program or activity offered. To receive services, the student must present current (within one year upon entry to our program) diagnostic documentation from the appropriate licensed professional as to the nature of the disability and subsequent recommendations. It should be noted that an IEP is not sufficient documentation to receive services. A pre-service interview is required prior to utilization of services. Questions about disability services should be directed to the Student Affairs office.

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