Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders gain leadership skills and help new students connect with the Urbana University community.

Orientation and U-Team Leaders convey information to new students and their families about the various resources on campus that are available to students. They also play a vital role in helping new students become accustomed to life at Urbana University through the UNI199 program.

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Hillary Bancroft

Middle Childhood Education major; South Vienna, Ohio

  • Dream Job: 6th Grade Engligh Teacher
  • Interests: Cheerleading, tanning, Netflix, UU Bluu Crew, Resident Assistant


Heather Berry

Sociology major; Springfield, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Social Worker... or actress!
  • Interests: Reading, Acting (UU Theatre), TV... also being outside! 
  • UU Activiites: Theatre, Band, U-Team Leader

Logan Boggs

History major; West Liberty, Ohio (or the moon)

  • Dream Job: Blacksmithing
  • Interests: Blacksmithing... and D&D
  • UU Activiites: Theatre, Band, U-Team Leader

Taylor Cayot

Psychology and Criminal Justice major; Bellefontaine, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Criminal Profiler.... or Batman!
  • Interests: Music, Drumming, Comics, iFunny, Bearding
  • UU Activiites: Football, Res Life Hall Director, CAB, Social & Behavioral Sciences Club

Brianna Garber

Early Childhood Education major; Houston Ohio

  • Dream Job: Become a second grade teacher and a volleyball coach
  • Interests: Volleyball, working out, watching One Tree Hill
  • UU Activiites: Volleyball

Laura Harting

Business Marketing major, Farmersville, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Own a summer camp for children with special needs 
  • Interests: Swimming, coaching, tanning, reading, community service
  • UU Activiites: Swimming, Knights 4 Christ, Student Government

Macie Jenkins

Intervention Specialist major; Cable, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Teaching severly disabled children... or own an equestrian therapy farm
  • Interests: Draw, coach and play softball, fish, spend time with family
  • UU Activiites: Res Life Hall Director, Campus Activities Board

Jessica Jones

Athletic Training major; Greenville, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Cincinnati Reds Head Athletic Trainer
  • Interests: Soccer, Softball, Coloring
  • UU Activiites: Admissions  Student Ambassador


Jake Kielich

Sports Management major; Machanicsburg, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Athletic Director... work for pro sports team
  • Interests: Golf, Music, Drumming
  • UU Activiites: Campus Activiites Board, Royal Blues band


Shawna Lambert

Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Med major; Zanesville, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Forensic Scientist
  • Interests: Horseback riding, Bowling, Soccer, Band
  • UU Activiites: Royal Blues band, Student Government, Bowling


Cody Schultz

Mathematics, AYA Education major; Wapakoneta, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Teaching & Coaching
  • Interests: Bowling, Reading, Swimming, Coaching
  • UU Activiites: Campus Activities Board, Bowling, Resident Assistant


Taylor Tussing

Marketing and History major; Chillicothe, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Marketing for the Browns
  • Interests: Bowling, Sleeping, Eating
  • UU Activiites: Bowling, Resident Assistant


Megan Verhoff





Allie West

Management/Marketing major; New Carlisle, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Marketing for the Browns (with Tussing!)
  • Interests: Cheerleading, tanning, Netflix, Tennis
  • UU Activiites: Bluu Crew, Student Government, Resident Assistant


Kwinten Young

Accounting major; Urbana, Ohio

  • Dream Job: Teacher and coach
  • Interests: Soccer, Pole Vaulting, Biking
  • UU Activiites: Admissions Ambassor 



From Our Alumni

"My college experience was such a great one, and I want to develop a new connection with the University for other alumni, the current students, as well as myself.  I want to continue to be connected to Urbana University and build on my experiences."

-Kiya Star Hunt
Class of ‘00